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Full Version: Looking for a safe site to buy Takaratomy Metal Beyblades
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I'm new to the Beyblade community. So sorry if this sounds really noob-ish.
But recently I've been trying to buy some new (Metal Fight/Fusion/Fury/Masters, maybe?) Beyblades. I found some cheap ones. But I looked at other Beyblades that have a 10, even 20 dollar difference. I thought this was a bit too good to be true. So I did some research, I found out I almost bought a Beyblade from Rapidity. Now cautious, I was looking to find guaranteed authentic Takaratomy Metal Fight/Fusion/Fury/Masters (With 4D system, if possible) Beyblades. If this can help, these are the specific Bey's I am looking for.

Hades Kerbecs
Death Quetzalcoatl
Basalt Horogium
Gravity Perseus
Flame Byxis
Phantom Orion

Thank you! Smile
While I do not discourage you from trying to buy those Beyblades from one of our Members here who wants to sell theirs, you can still trust eBay and just be careful about the price (you will indeed have to pay a slightly higher price for an original Beyblade but there are some good deals with shipping included in the price) and also make sure that the auction's description clearly says that the item is made by TAKARA-TOMY. Sellers on eBay are very disadvantaged if they lie, so generally they do not. If they have a picture of the box, that is even better, because you can look for the TAKARA-TOMY logo in the upper right corner on the front. After a while, you also really recognise which pictures are being used by all the fake sellers, they are not like the original Beyblades and it really shows.
Thank you, my friend! I'm looking on eBay right now. Most products don't look like scams. This really helped. Price won't be an issue either, Thanks again!
No problem at all, and if you ever hesitate about a product, you have three choices:

- Post the link to it in the fake identification guide topic:
- Ask about it specifically in the Purchase Consultation thread:
- Send me a private message and I will answer very quickly to help you.
Would it be fine if I messaged you for a bit to consider it being fake or real? It's okay if you don't want to. I don't want to bug you or think it's your fault if I receive a fake product.
I have original Takara. check my ebay store.