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Full Version: Sonokong Info
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So after talking to the member who is from Korea several long standing unknown questions about sonokong have been answered.

Q1: Did Sonokong release any special recolors and/or random boosters?
A: Not really. No random boosters. They released Black Dranzer, the gold ones on ebay and these:

Q2: Did Sonokong release any the number series? (i.e. from the manga)
A: No they didn't.

Q3: Did Sonokong release any HMS other than the five from the series?
A: Also no.

Q4: How come there are so few around with a majority impossible to find?
A: Apparently demand far outstripped supply. He said not many were produced in comparison to Takara and there was an enormous demand.
I have been wondering about a couple of these questions as well, so thank you so much for posting this, Ultra! Smile
This is really neat.

Those clear V-Series tops are just cool looking.