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Full Version: Wolborg ms
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Dear friends,
I have been beyblading since my wee lad years, and have had numerous beyblades, however I have never had a wolborg ms, and upon recalling my childhood, I searched high and low for a wolborg ms. Alas I couldn't find one anywhere. If any of you have one you're willing to part with for a reasonable price, I'd love to know.
Thank you.
It should be totally possible for you to find a Wolborg MS, they are not too rare. I will move your thread to the Buying sub-forum of the Bey Marketplace forum, where it belongs, but you should also look through the topics in the Selling sub-forum in case a fellow Member is already trying to sell theirs.
I actually got a moderately used one today in the mail, I'll PM you. Smile
how to battle and record data?

i need to know
(Apr. 14, 2016  3:52 AM)joshua.edwards1 Wrote: [ -> ]how to battle and record data?

i need to know

This isn't the place to ask that, but to answer you, you simply need to go to a tournament hosted by the WBO in your area. If there isn't one you can try to organize one yourself.

In the future please make sure to ask questions in the appropriate place Smile
oh so you like call people and organise it yourself or you just go to a local one thanks