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Full Version: LF >Plastic Galeon
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Thanks guys xD
The clear version is just a limited edition version of the paint kit one. It doesn't come with any stickers like any other paint kit. Anyway the only place to get these is on Yahoo Japan Auctions and anyone who has one will have more than likely bought it from there so you might as well just buy it from there (there isn't one up atm but there was recently and it didn't sell so i'd bet it gets put back up)
i've been looking around there too and so far the galeons i see are sold as a set x_x

ughh : /
and I can't communicate in japanese so I can't send them a note being interested in only the galeon
Yeah don't buy from that guy. Lol. That ridiculously priced lot has been up there forever. That guy is crazy thinking he will get anywhere near that. But yeah, like Ultra said, there are a few of those white marker ones circulating for like 800-1000¥. I am really surprised there arent any up right now. I am sure they will get reposted soon
thanks for the link!

Just gotta look into ordering from that site Grin