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Full Version: Sold Out
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Sales Rules*
*I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone who does not meet WBO's rules and community guidelines.
  • Shipping is from Illinois, United States. I will ship internationally, please ask for a quote via PM.
  • All prices are in USD (United States Dollars). I accept PayPal ONLY, no other forms of payment will be accepted.
  • Refunds are given on a case by case basis, if you need to dispute a refund, please PM me instead of leaving a comment.
  • Please do not beg or whine if I refuse your offer or if I refuse to sell to you for any reason. Do not make offers on items unless it says "OBO" or to make me an offer. Offers on items with set prices will be rejected. Thank you.
  • I do have 8+ years eBay selling experience, if you would like to see my feedback, please CLICK HERE.
  • If you have any questions or would like to more pictures, please send me a PM.
  • No TRADES at this time, thank you.
Thank you so much Bladers and happy Beyblading!






Updated with ebay listings.
The auction specifically says that boxes apart from Dragoon G are empty.
Oops. That's what I get for not reading. :p
Hms lot? Smh
You'd probably expect more than two beyblades in a lot though.
Added ebay listing! HMS.
What all do you sell?
(Dec. 23, 2016  10:14 AM)Blader ZX Wrote: [ -> ]What all do you sell?
She's selling a Purple Einstein AR!!!
(Dec. 23, 2016  12:29 PM)SUGOI-KONICHEWA Wrote: [ -> ]He's selling a Purple Einstein AR!!!

*she Wink
(Dec. 23, 2016  10:14 AM)Blader ZX Wrote: [ -> ]What all do you sell?

Selling a purple Einstein attack ring and bit protector from the HMS series. Authentic takara. Asking $10. It's practically new.
Price lowered! Merry Christmas!
Grand reopening! Stock updated.
Really wanting to do a trade for Nepstrius N2! Updated.
Updated with eBay listings.
Updated eBay listings! HMS!
Do you have a dark green draciel g (hasbro)