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Full Version: Ragnaruk, RBV2 Recolors
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I'm downsizing my collection, gonna play it casual and pick up a few releases when Burst hits the States. So, here's the Beys I can do without. PM me if you're interested in any of them.

Yeah, I decided that this Bey would probably be better in the hands of someone more dedicated. I can't bring myself to use it, but I don't like it as just shelf candy. This Beyblade has never been used, only assembled once, never disassembled, and barely even touched. It doesn't come with the box or the code. The Bey itself is absolutely mint.

The rest:
Evileye Wing Needle - SOLD
In pretty good condition, used fairly but not too scuffed up.
Odin Oval Fusion - $7
In pretty good condition, used fairly but not too scuffed up.
Valkyrie Oval Needle - $5
Worn. Valkyrie is past usefulness, but still is just fine for "for fun" battles.
Wyvern Central Needle - SOLD
In pretty good condition, used fairly but not too scuffed up.
Wyvern Central Needle (No stickers) - $7
In very good condition, not used too often. I can include the sticker sheet.
Ragnuruk Heavy Survive - $10
Worn, but Heavy and Survive are fine, and that's all that matters!

I'll sell the whole lot excluding Amaterios for $40. With Amaterios, $60. You save about $10 each way.

Shipping is a flat $5. I only want to deal within the US. Pay with PayPal.

If you have any questions, ask me, and if you want to make a counteroffer to my price, go for it.

I would have purchased some but I live in the United Kingdom; if you do ever change your mind, feel free to give me a PM!^-^
I live outside of the United States as well, but just to say, everyone, those are very good prices.
$40 for a MINT Amaterios??? No way :0
(Apr. 05, 2016  7:50 PM)BeyGabe Wrote: [ -> ]$40 for a MINT Amaterios??? No way :0

Yes way, haha. I've always felt bad that so many people didn't get Amaterios just out of bad luck, so when I decided to sell it I didn't want the price to be another barrier.
I live in the u.s and ill gladly bye amaterasu from you! Ive been trying to get him forever! And maybe evileye since i want him too, ill pm you
Amaterios, Evileye, and Wyvern have been sold!
Thanks so much man! They arrived today, ill be doing an unboxing video sunday or monday!