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Full Version: Thoughts on Batman V Superman
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Don't worry, no Spoilers, I'll just say that I enjoyed quite a lot, In thought Batman was cool, Superman was okay, and wonder woman was pretty awesome, and Doomsday wasn't as disappointing as I thought he'd be, neither was Lex Luthor Jr.(but he was different & I thought Jessie Eisenburg would be better as The Riddler)
I personally give it a 7.5/10 What about you guys, what did you think?
Give it 3.5/5. First hour was a little boring and lots of flashback scenes (upon watching a second time, I didn't feel the first act was as boring as I initially did), but the second and third acts made up for it. Wonder woman stole the show. The flash back/dream sequences were the reason reviews weren't too hot from critics; there were too many and took away from the story; Knightmare was awesome, though. Affleck was great, definitely portrayed a frank miller Batman and did it well. Cavill was good, alot better than in Man of Steel. Eisenberg's Lex was a different take and kinda weird, but he did alright with the direction they tool his character. Fight scenes were incredibly well done. Snyder is a bit rough with directing for story, but he did well with this and certainly knows how to compose a shot, can't say it enough Wonder Woman was the star. Solid 3.5/5.
Wonder Woman impressed me a lot because in that fight scene at the end, she was very impressive!^-'^
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