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Full Version: Beyblade championship singapore
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Is there a bey contest in singapore?If there is, please tell me because i want to join in using my best bey pegasis pegasis W105R2F.(CINCROME BEY)i don't know how to spell.Tired
It can damage beys as all the opponent's bey will dismental.
Thank You Smile
Unfortunately there is nothing happening right now in Singapore, but you should post in the topic dedicated to that country to let others in the region know that you are interested in participating in a tournament. All of our events are fan-run, so hopefully one of you guys can soon take the initiative to host a tournament.

By the way, try to find a topic about what you want to talk about before creating any new thread, and if you have questions regarding the site, you also just need to use the "Questions about the WBO" topic.