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Full Version: free fall method or running start method?
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I made a thread earlier, seems like one of the mods closed it for some reason?

Anyways, I have some questions about ripping. I'll post my original thread below:

I've recently been introduced to the "free fall" method of ripping beys. How it works is, you fall from great height and pull the rip chord (at least 20ft rip chord is required) before you hit the ground. The force of the rip will cause the Bey to make a hole in the ring for the tip (I use a diamond tip, seems to work best), keeping the bey from being knocked out by the opponent's bey.

Now, I've seen this method used in action... but I'm not sure if it's better than the method I've been using, which is: running start method. I put a half mile of space between the bey ring and myself, then I run that distance and rip about 10ft away from the ring. With this method I've been able to shatter opponents beys before mine even hits the ring.

Which method do you think would be better for competitive play? Any input is welcome.