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Full Version: Looking To Buy/Trade A BB-10 Wyvang Chrome Wheel Or A SA165 Spin Track!?
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I want to buy any of those items in the title!!!
I have many things to trade but would be happy buying asswell!

I don't mind you posting down bellow if you have these things but I'd rather you pm me in case I don't see your post even though I will be checking this often!!!
If you are also selling other things that are rare or are good for competitive play please feel free to comment/post or pm me!

You say the price you want and I'll give it you or I'll offer you a trade and if you decline the trade I will pay the fee!
I only want real takara tomy items!

If you know anyone selling these things either please say!?

Is there anything that is spelt incorrectly or things like that?

Thanks for taking your time to read my thread and I hope you enjoyed it!!!

I have Wyvang but no SA165. I'm Looking for Girago or Genbull. Problem being, I'm in Malaysia. I'm assuming you're pretty far from here.