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Full Version: Other hobbies?
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I HOPE this is in the correct topic. I always get nervous posting stuff on new, unfamiliar forums.

What other hobbies do you have outside of Beyblade? Anything else suck all your money out of your wallets or takes your interest elsewhere when you're not doing Beyblade related activites?

I have a strong interest in the timeline of WW2 and especially the tanks. I even have 1/16 scale RC tanks which are awesome. When I'm not sinking money into that, it's RC cars and playing games. Basically, Beyblade is another hole in the bucket that is my bank account.

So please, share your other hobbies if you have any.

Cheers. Smile
Hm, this is sort of too similar to the Things you collect (not Beyblade-related) topic, therefore I have to close this. Otherwise, we probably have separate threads for trading cards and other hobbies, so you could post in them to revive them.