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Full Version: Buying into Competitive Play!!! (MFB Currently, Potentially Burst)
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Hello all. ^^ After doing some reading up and getting advice from a few people, I am looking to start purchasing some blades in MFB. Figured I would post here first in case anybody was trying to move some pieces and figured it would be safer than a potential knockoff. Possibly interested in Burst, but may wait till the new launch. As far as MFB is concerned with, looking to build the following blades:

{MSF{-H}} Wyvang Dragooon SA165[Zero-G Attack]
MSF-H Revizer Genbull E230

If someone wants to try selling me a competitive blade, let me know, may be interested in others, but only high level play pieces/blades.

Willing to buy full blades that have the individual parts, but if someone is able to sell these in whole to me, that would be awesome as well. ^^ One thing I am ignorant on is pricing, so throw me a number and we will check it out. Appreciate any business. ^^ Will pay through paypal.
I notice you never talk about their tip did you already have tips you need (by Tip I mean bottoms)

I have some of these parts except for Wyvang because I just got one at the moment.
Honestly, I was under the assumption that the tip was in the layout. Pinching_eyes_2 So not certain on that.
well I see its the combo you have writed so probably need GF or LRF or RF for the Dragooon combo and something like CS for Revizer or RSF, RDF. it depends on what you want and what kind of defense you want.
Take a look at my selling thread; I think I have some beys/parts you may be interested in!^-^
If you are interested in anything on my thread please feel free to drop me a PM so that we may discuss a deal further