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Full Version: Tournament 3/12
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Beyblade tournament at Davis Park, California, San Pablo. On March 12. Someone bring a stadium. Plastic gen only no illegal combos
Hey Lonk,

This isn't an official WBO tournament, so I do not think you are allowed to post it.

I would recommend making an event proposal to make it official Smile
Aww man. I wanted to battle people.
Yes, to make sure that we only recommend decent events on here, they all have to go through the Event Proposal process. We have to verify that not only the host is OK, but also do our best to make sure that you will receive an OK attendance too. Make sure to read the Event Guide and the Rulebook to know more about hosting tournaments. It is definitely possible for you to battle other people, even as soon as March 12th. Do not let the fact that your thread is getting closed ruin the idea for you; I look forward to consulting your Event Proposal soon.