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Full Version: [Raleigh, NC] 2/27/16 ZachBob's Beyblade Burst Birthday Bonanza
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ZachBob's Beyblade Burst Birthday Bonanza!

Game Theory. Pleasant Valley Promenade, 6260 Glenwood Ave,
Suite 109, Raleigh, NC

11:00am-Noon: Registration/ Free Play
Noon- approximately 2:00PM: Tournament

Host 1: Dark_Mousy
Host 2: ZachBob

Format: We will be having a burst format tournament, only burst beyblades will be allowed. If you don't have any burst beys, do not worry, I will be loaning some of mine out! Smile The Beyblade Burst Official Rulebook can be viewed here.

Entry Fee: A $5 one-time entry fee can be paid or for $15 you can purchase a Blader Passport which allows you participate in WBO tournaments free of charge for an entire year!

What's Beyblade Burst?
Beyblade Burst is the brand new, third generation of Beyblade by TAKARA-TOMY! If you are not familiar with Beyblade Burst, please take a look at our Beyblade Channel In-Depth Review Video covering it, the Bey News Thread, or the Beyblade General Forum.

[Image: hSC9Tqh.gif]

Don't forget - the Awakening Amaterios Prize Campaign has begun!

Prove your strength as a Blader by winning the most consecutive battles in a WBO Burst-format tournament to win an exclusive Face, the Shard of Amaterios. Collect 3 Shards of Amaterios to awaken the legendary Beyblade Amaterios Aero Assault and claim it as your own!

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Spread the word!

Think you can make it? Post here!
If you think you'll be able to make it out to ZachBob's Beyblade Burst Birthday Bonanza!, please post here and I will start building an attendance list!

  1. Dark_Mousy
  2. Regina.Marie
  3. Thunder Dome
  4. Stormscorpio1
  5. ZachBob
  6. BeyBeard
  7. Indigail
  8. Defstamina88

Possible Attendees:
  1. Titan Tite
  2. ACG
  3. EthanQ42
  4. Craiginator

Ayyy lmao, looks like we got it up in time. I'll be there around 11.
Dang it guys, why is this always last-second? I can't come with short-notice approval! We need to approve of these faster. Unhappy

*sigh* Anyways, have fun and happy B-day Zach.
I'm just leaving now, I'll be there around 11:15ish.
I've been at bojangles waiting for my food for a while now. I'll be there before 12.
Dark is here

1st Place: Thunder Dome

2nd Place: Stormscorpio1

3rd Place: ZachBob

As for the winning combos I'm not sure of what Thunder and Zach used, but I used
DHD, WHS, and VHS.
It was a fun event and I enjoyed myself, and I got another shard, so I'll take something from this.
Cool, did many people come despite the short notice?
We ended up with 7 players, luckily we had a new guy show up today... his dad apparently Google searched raleigh beyblade tournament sometime earlier today. XD talk about good timing.
Very fun tournament guys! I ended up going 7-1 only using Deathscyther Ring Accel so that was pretty fun, wish I had Zephyr though haha. Can't wait to see everyone at the next event and maybe we can get a bigger crowd next time.
Here is the spreadsheet, for future reference:
So, anyword on when the faces and credits for this are gonna be processed?
As soon as possible.
hmm... glad the tournament ended well Smile i wish i couldve made it ;p
Alright, just eight days later, Credits and Faces for this tournament have been given. Let me know if you find any errors.