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Full Version: Looking For 4d Beys...
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I'm looking for any of the legendary bladers, 4d beys.
If you couldhelp me i'd appreciate it alot.
Thank You!

Separate parts or the whole thing
the whole bey preferably
I am selling two bey blades from the gold legendary blades set:
Fang Leone
If you are interested do send me a PM telling me what currency and country you live in!^-^
Well all the other parts are scattered but I can
Give you the fusion wheel which is the best part
I can also trade my diablo fusion wheel with some mfb accessories
Pm sent!
Check your PM. I have a big bang I can sell.
i have flash, jade, and omega
Takara Tomy Blitz Unicorno (New):
Hasbro Hyperblades Blitz Striker (Used):

Great price
I have a phantom Orion and death quetzaquaetel I'd sell to you for the right price! PM me.
I have a mint L-Drago Destroy PM if you are interested!