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Full Version: [Montreal, QC, Canada] 02/27/2016 - Sway Now, Sway Low
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Date: Saturday, February 27, 2016

Location: 3575 ​boul. Saint-Laurent, Suite #119, ​Montreal, QC, H2X 2T7
(Google Maps)

Format: Zero-G

Start Time: 1:00 PM, but registration starts at least at 12:30PM!

Entry Fee: $6 CAD, or free with a Blader Passport. You can purchase a Blader Passport on-site for $20 CAD and it gives you free entry to our tournaments for a whole year.

Prizes: A choice out of some new-in-package and some slightly used Beyblades!

Confirmed Participants:
(Bae Master)

It has been too many months since we last had a Zero-G tournament hah.

Remember that the trial ban on F230+CF/GCF is still in effect!
Yo, that picture is awesome haha.

You can add SilverFang13666 as well.
Karura power.

And cool, but I thought he could not pay the entry fee?
I will buy a few things from him at the tournament, so everything should be good, haha.
Hahah awesome then.
Great title!

Won't be playing obviously, but will be hanging around.
I kept writing and saving the logo file multiple times as "Swing Now, Swing Low" hahah, having forgotten that I wanted the word to be 'sway'.

Guys, remember that there is still a trial ban on F230+CF/GCF. Actually, we will be the last of the ten tournaments allowed to have this trial ban, so we better make it worthwhile and be sure that we explored all venues instead of just being all destabilised like last time hah.
I'm ok with the ban I never used F230CF/GCF

Also add Cricricapricorn as confirmed.

I probably came back with My Gryph Pegasus combo Grin it needs some exercises!

I got 5 days to create some new competitive combos Grin hah i'll be prepared this time!

My goal is to finished second or better hah!


I could bring back the Cup Attack Challenge if some of you want to try it again!
Wow, so we should have at least three kids who will play as well. Super unexpectedly, this might turn out to be a Block Round Robin type of tournament hah. And to think I was worried about the attendance at the beginning of the month...

I believe I have enough stadiums, but just in case nobody wants to use the Zero-G Stadium Defense Type at all hah, who owned a legal Zero-G Stadium already?

Oh and I have a career-related activity right before the tournament, but I should still be on time for 1:00 PM for sure.
I need to buy a new one. I think I find one on internet but I'm waiting a bit
Wasn't the 10th zero-g tourney the Toronto one, meaning the trial ban has ended?
I asked Kei and Mitsu and the revised count is that the latest Toronto one was the ninth, ridding us of the trouble of having to come to a decision on the ban in the future during only this week hah.

By the way, you guys who went to that Toronto event might want to post your feedback on that ban...? We are supposed to have been observing whether it makes a huge difference or if something else takes its place anyway, etc.
Like I already said before, I don't think its a big deal to MTL event. I think mostly MissingNo., Kai-V and Valentin used F230CF/GCF and they have some normal results but I don't think this has been placed.

Personaly I didn't used it because all my F230 is Hasbro and work badly.

I don't remember if I've already face that combo during a tournament so I can't say if its a trouble. I see it a couple of time but winning with it isn't happen so often.

I don't know why it has so much diferense between Toronto and MTL


BTW can you put this event in the event section on main page. We missed it if its not. thx to missingno. who said to me it was open.
Wow... It looks like I will be entering the tournament mostly unprepared:

I cannot hold my intelligence in high regard and continue practicing when this keeps happening within three or four matches of each other...

By the way, did anyone possibly leave with one of my Metal Stone Faces last time? I seriously only have one Metal Stone Face Custom left an that is impossible...
I still have someone's Dragoon G Engine Key. Anyone know who?
Hey Kai-V, isn't legal to switch the part with the prongs (on the blue Beylauncher) ?
I have an extra Beylauncher if you need any, though.

(Feb. 24, 2016  6:05 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]I still have someone's Dragoon G Engine Key. Anyone know who?

It might be mine, or @[D!CE]'s. Mine was the Sonokong version with a sticker on it.
It might be legal, but I am not interested in doing mechanics and it requires an additional launcher with prongs that are still intact anyway hah. After four more breaks, I would have none anymore.
... You don't even have some Light Launchers from Hasbro ? The prongs are pretty much the same, to be honest.

If you don't, I wouldn't mind at all to give you the required parts. (I never used most of them and they start to take a lot of space, haha)
I have some spare light launcher from hasbro too never used or if it in first time before I got my Beylauncher from hasbro.

I have to repair my two other L/R Beylauncher. If I have one repaired I could sell it to you. the probleme isn't that big on it I just have to "replace" the string in the original place. don't know how to explain that... too much pression on the holding place of the launcher and when it rewinded the string jam somewhere in the middle of the launcher... hah first time I see that and 2 times in arrow in the same tournament...
I have repaired one of my L/R Beylauncher but weirdly it works in wrong side so I swap the prongs from their side hah!

anyway I got a Gray L/R Beylauncher working like new I could lend you with a grip.

do we have to call someone for the door?!
Hey guys I wish you good luck!

I hope we will do a final with 6 players Grin it could be interesting.

prediction for final attendees:

Me, MissingNo., D!CE, CriCriCapricorn and some new players hah!

See you later!
It was an awesome tournament ! I wasn't expecting at all to finish in first place, it will probably compensate for my poor performances in the last Burst tournament, haha.

Thanks a lot to Kai-V for the awesome prizes and to Brad for letting us play in his office !
Congrats! Sorry I wasn't around much today, but glad you had a good time Smile
Congratulations to everyone today! Definitely let us know how you liked playing today without F230(G)CF!
Awesome! We got more different customization and the new rule at the beginning of each match push the level higher. I noticed that all my lost is because I didn't chose the right combos hah! that's the game hah!

I'm pretty happy with the results I got in tournament with my newest combination(MSF-M Beigirados Balro SA165(normal)BSF) even if I used it only one time... I have hesitated to use it in finals but I didn't. probably a win I lost against MissingNo. in finals hah!

My main combinations, MF-L Duo Cygnus E230MB and MSF-L Killerken Dragooon SA165(att)EWD, have inspired some bladers during the tournament. particularly my DUO custom hah.. anyway great to see all of you creating and trying to make it better!

I can't wait for a next challenge like this one!
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