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Full Version: [SELLING][RiderProxy] Selling beyblade. And proxy buying service
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Hello Guys,

I am RiderProxy, middlewoman service for buying stuff from Japan.
You may refer to this thread for more detail about what i am doing :

--update 2016/5/29--
Thank you Guys, these items had been sold out

Currently i am selling some beys as follows:
Beyblade A-25 DRAGOON F = 4,300JPY
Beyblade A-41 Dragoon V = 4,300JPY
Beyblade A-47 Flash Leopard = 5,000JPY
Beyblade A-56 Dranzer V = 2,200JPY
Beyblade A-78GAIA DRAGOON V= 1,800JPY
Beyblade A-94 Driger G = 3,500JPY
Beyblade A-100 Wolborg 4= 4,500JPY
(picture attached)

[Image: Cbqr2g5UUAEnKTO.jpg]

But i am sorry, i can't check my inbox or this forum very often.
I would very happy if you could send me an email to :

Oh, if the above price doesn't fit with your budget, please feel free to give an offer.

Best regards,

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Nice to know you are back in business!
Guys, I have used riderproxy as a "middleman" many times over a couple of years..

I can say with confidence that she is reliable

And welcome back rider Smile
I noticed you were selling on Y!JA! I actuslly was the one who bought the Voltaic Ape, Dragoon V2, and Burning Kerbeus using zenmarket there. Thanks for the good price!