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Full Version: Buying Burst Parts
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I will be paying with PayPal. Stickers must be with the Layers and Drivers!


Valkyrie: Pink(RBVol.1) and Transparent(RLVol.1)

Spriggan: Transparent(RBVol.1)

Kerbeus: Black(RBVol.1)


DeathScyther: Turquoise(RBVol.2) and Blue(RBVol.2)


Odin: SkyBlue(RBVol.2)


Heavy x4
Wing x2
Central x2
Spread x2


Needle x2: Any
Accel: Pink(RBVol.1)
Claw x2: Any
Defense x3: Any
Survive x2: Any
Zephyr x1
I can sell you an extra central. PM me.
I Have a Clear Valkyrie; PM Me bro!