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Full Version: List of parts/articles with no descriptions
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This list has been requested a few times, but with our fusion with Beyblade Wiki, I went through what was missing on both sides and verified whether Beyblade Wiki had a decent description for our missing parts that would not force us to write one ourselves.

Unless there are things on Beyblade Wiki or Beywiki that are currently published and FALSE, I would say that making sure that the following parts have a good description is also urgent :

  • Bakushin-Oh's parts
  • Bound Attacker's parts
  • Bound Defenser's parts
  • Roller Attacker's parts
  • Dranzer Auto Change Balancer's parts
  • Wing Attacker's parts
  • Wing Defenser's parts
  • Sparkling Attacker's parts
  • Metal Draciel's parts
  • Kids Draciel's parts
  • Driger F's parts
  • Master Dranzer's parts
  • Master Draciel's parts
  • Salamalyon's parts
  • Wyborg's parts
  • Bakuten Henkei Gaia Dragoon's parts
  • Metal Dranzer's parts
  • Driger V's parts
  • Cyber Dragoon's parts
  • Gabriel's parts
  • Guardian Driger's parts
  • Crab Diver's parts
  • Orca Diver's parts
  • Manta Diver's parts
  • Killer Eagle's parts
  • Death Gargoyle's parts
  • Galeon 2's parts
  • Trygator's parts
  • Cyber Dragoon Battle Spec.'s parts
  • Appollon's parts
  • Venus' parts
  • Poseidon's parts
  • Uriel 2's parts
  • Orthrus' parts
  • Rushing Boar's parts
  • Dranzer G's parts
  • Wolborg 4's parts
  • Draciel G's parts
  • Gaia Dragoon G's parts
  • Flame Pegasus' parts
  • Desert Sphynxer's parts
  • Dranzer GT's parts
  • Gigars' parts
  • Zeus' parts
  • 4-Layer Series
  • A to F Series
  • V2 Series
  • G Series
  • GT Series
  • All side products with no product code, such as bags
  • Wide Survivor
  • OHKO
  • Life After Death
  • Weight Disk Attack
  • Spike Attack
  • Metal Balls
  • Ten Heavy
  • Spin Stealing Upper Attack
  • EG System
  • Circle Survivor Defense
  • Left SG
  • S-AR (should probably be spelt at least Sub-AR)
  • Eight Wide
  • Magne Weight Disk
  • Bearings
  • Zombies
  • Spin Stealing
  • Neo Right SG
  • Customize Clutch Base
  • Random Booster 5
  • Destabilizer
  • BeyStadium
  • Random Booster S
  • S MG Core
  • Defensive Zombie
  • Attack Ring
  • Engine Gear Try Set
  • Attack Weight Disks
  • Hayate
  • Weight Based Defense
  • Synergy
  • Bakutenryuu Raiden Dragon‏‎
  • Free-Spinning Shaft
  • Bearing Gyros
  • Weak Launching

  • Dranzer MF's parts
  • Circle Heavy
  • Circle Wide
  • ABS Caul
  • Tornado Balance Type S (stadium)
  • Tornado Balance (stadium)
  • Tornado Attack (stadium)
  • Metal Frame
  • Wobbling
  • Free-spinning
  • CWD Free Survivor

Metal Fight Beyblade
  • Aries (Wheel, both moulds @[Kei])
  • Mercury
  • Anubius
  • Giraffe
  • R145
  • Sol Blaze V145AS's parts (draft already well advanced, needs finishing touches, tests)
  • Meteo L Drago's parts (drafts already advanced, help finish them up)
  • Ray Gill 100RSF (Gill and RSF mostly, at least one draft posted, has to be completed)
  • Tornado Heracleo/Herculeo (at least one draft posted probably, help finish it up)
  • Divine
  • Chimera
  • TR145
  • FB
  • Nightmare Rex (perhaps one draft posted, but is missing advanced performance information)
  • Screw and MF (at least draft posted probably, needs information on current metagames)
  • Fang Leone 130W²D (draft(s) already posted, basically needs help with W²D)
  • Scythe Kronos T125EDS (draft(s) super close to being finished, but were Scythe and EDS ever competitive and where do they stand now)
  • Forbidden
  • Eonis
  • Crown
  • Lyra
  • L-Drago Guardian
  • Wing
  • Fusion
  • Hades (4D Clear Wheel)
  • SWD
  • Beelzeb
  • Kreis
  • Cygnus
  • Flash
  • Sagittario II
  • Samurai Ifraid W145CF's parts
  • Pirates
  • Orojya
  • Thief Phoenic's parts (draft already advanced, help finish it up)
  • Guardian Revizer's parts (draft to be finished)
  • Killerken
  • A230
  • JSB
  • Gargole
  • SA165
  • WSF
  • Goreim
  • Berserker
  • Begirados
  • SR200
  • BWD
  • Balro
  • Wyvang
  • Gladiator
  • Bahamdia
  • SP230
  • GF
  • PD
  • DF105
  • LRF
  • Quetzalcoatl
  • BeyStadium Stamina Type
  • BeyStadium Wide Square Type
  • BeyCarrier Waist Type
  • BeyStadium Standard Type
  • Extreme BeyStadium
  • BeyCarrier Hard Type
  • Grip Rubbers
  • 3 Segment Launcher Grip
  • Metal Assist
  • Light Launcher 2
  • LED Sight
  • Tornado BeyStadium
  • Grip Support
  • Ultimate BeyStadium
  • Light Launcher LR
  • Zero-G Stadium Attack Type
  • Zero-G Light Launcher
  • BeyCarrier Zero-G
  • Zero-G Launcher Grip
  • Zero-G Stadium Defense Type
  • Zero-G Stadium Balance Type
  • Zero-G Launcher

Beyblade Burst
  • Valkyrie (performance)
  • Wing (performance)
  • Spread
  • Ragnaruk
  • Heavy
  • Kerbeus (performance)
  • Central (performance)
  • Defense (performance)
  • BeyStadium Standard Type
  • Wyvern
  • Armed
  • Massive
  • Trident
  • Claw
  • Aero
  • Odin
  • Blow
  • Burst BeyStadium
  • Horusood
  • Minoboros
  • Quake
  • Unicorno
  • Ring
  • Xcalibur
  • Force
  • Xtreme
  • Evil-eye
  • Needle
  • Neptune
  • Zephyr
  • Burst Attack
  • Burst Defense

Phew, and I think this is not even the full list ever hah. As you can see, there is plenty to pick from, so if you think you know a lot about any of these parts or items, please help us make the wiki more complete! For all the fans out there who look for information on them and so far find nothing relevant.

I am not even considering to place those lists inside spoilers because none of us should be proud that the lists are so damn huge, so we need to see how outrageously long they are and work on it, understand how this is not really tolerable for a community that has tested things extensively and claims to know, as a group, basically everything about every Beyblade part.

To avoid anyone working on a draft while someone else does too and that one of those people's time and effort ends up being wasted, if you think you can complete a great draft about something specific, call "dibs" on this or these parts!

Finally, do not forget that we work with a part-by-part system now, so even if you do not feel confident writing the whole Rock Giraffe article, just focus on Giraffe, or on R145; it is much easier.

Thank you in advance for all your help! Hopefully I can distribute Peridot Faces in abundance soon after seeing people submit a bunch of great drafts, and I hope we can even reach a point where we are ashamed to just give Peridot Faces and have to think of other ways to show our gratitude hah.

(I personally want to place dibs on the Amaterios Layer, if nobody minds.)
Ah, cool.
I'll see which Plastics articles I can work on, I see quite a few that I can write about.

@[Zoroaste], now is time to shine. Get some tests done on Square Edge and let's get an article on Manta Diver.
Nice man, thank you for helping !
Yeah I need to figure out the format and all that. I will try to figure it out and start contributing on some rare parts that I have tomorrow at work if it's not too busy. Unfortunately I don't really have a good computer. But I can prolly get things at least started on my work computer and finish the details on my phone. Can I just kind of go to a wiki article and click edit just to kind of copy and paste a good article? Then I can just replace the words and keep the formatting. Or is there a link to templates or something?
Awesome. Can I help you figure out the format ? You mean how the part-specific article should be written, or just general writer's block on how to begin the text hah ?
Just the general writers block. I can kinda copy the general gist of the wording or whatever from other good articles
Reminds me; do we need articles on the Ultimate Beystadium or Magnecore Stadium?
I can definitely do the Ultimate, but Zoroaste, maybe you should do the Magnecore since you have the Magne Dome as well..?
All stadiums possibly, but in a way I think parts are more urgent and should take priority.

Hm, Zoroaste, since Plastics are clearly in a dire situation, if you can put together a list of things to state about x part and that other knowledgeable people can just confirm that, I think it would be acceptable to just post that list and leave it to others to write a comprehensible text featuring all those points, if you want. Just anything to make sure the Plastics knowledge does not go to waste or oblivion hah.
I can probably do some of these when I have time (I'm almost done with WB4 and Rushing Boar, just need the all clear from Ultra)
  • Wolborg 4's parts
  • Kids Draciel's parts
  • Master Draciel's parts (aren't those the same as Kid Draciel's parts anyways?)
  • Rushing Boar's parts
  • Attack Ring
  • Zombies
  • Quetzalcoatl (if you mean the Metal Wheel)
  • LRF
  • TR145

I could do an article about Tornado Stalling too, since that is a relevant strategy (I made a video about it not too long ago).

I could have sworn we had good, complete articles for at least some of these parts, no? Like Flash, Wyvang, SA165, Meteo L-Drago's parts, Balro, etc. Are there drafts that have been approved but never posted on Beywiki?

Also, it's nice to see Burst Attack and Burst Defense being officially acknowledged now.

EDIT: quoted the OP to copy/paste things and forgot to delete it.
We do have drafts for the parts you mentioned, but they were never completed. Since we work part-by-part now, I was planning on going through those old drafts to see if any of those Beyblades that had two or more new parts could at least get one of its parts' description quickly finalised, but overall, if the drafts are not already published, they were not good enough.

And yes, I meant Quetzalcoatl the Wheel. Thank you for your offer to help ! Tornado Stalling is good too, but I think we had already started a draft on that, so perhaps just try and see if anything can be salvaged from it first before starting from zero ?
Ok will do, that's easy enough
I'll try to get around to doing some Aries (mold 1) tests soon so that we can finally have an informed, accurate description for that.
Cool cool, thank you.

By the way, to everyone who posted here already, did you guys formally want to place dibs on the Beyblades and parts you mentioned, or were you just listing possibilities ?
Use this for filling the blanks i guess
HMS Circle Wide I managed to gather quite a few information also concerning the rating and measurements, however I'm getting crazy to figure Circle Heavy's rating and measurements... wish I could go back in time and check on Takara Tomy's website when it was first released...

EDIT: NO STOP EVERYTHING I found all the ratings and measurements :DDD
Wait, why is Trident on here? I could try to help provide extra stuff if need be.