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Full Version: what websites sell real beyblades for cheap price?
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Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying some beys online but I can't find any good websites. Is there any good websites out there that sell beyblades from the metal saga? Thanks
Please ask this in the buying consultation thread next time, making whole threads for questions will clog up the forums, but I assume you are new and didn't know, so no big deal. You can also ask general questions in the Ask a Question, Get and Answer thread.
But to answer your question, eBay or Amazon would be the easiest way to buy them. The cheapest way is usually direct from Japan on Yahoo Auctions Japan, or Rakuten, though the international shipping prices can be rather high sometimes, so take that into account before you buy from one of them. For shopping direct from Japan, you will also need to use a shopping service, I use, I find that they are reasonably priced and the easiest to navigate. They have an international shipping calculator too, and I recommend using it to figure out what your total cost will be before buying anything. If you have any other questions, feel free to post it in the appropriate thread or just shoot me a message.