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Full Version: [Toronto, Ontario 1/30/16] Beyblade Shogatsu
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Beyblade Shogatsu
Saturday, January 30th, 12:00pm
222 St. Patrick Street (The Michener) Room 1325 (Gaming Room) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Burst Format

It's time to burst into action with a new year and the new Xtreme obstacles that face the bladers of this tournament! There are many things to celebrate in this tournament, 2016, the birth of a new anime convention that kindly decided to host our tournament, and lastly mine and pyrus10000's birthdays! Keep those in your mind and blader spirit while we spin through the winter chill!

Jiraiya MS, B-21 Reshuffle Set Attack and Balance, Xcalibur Force Xtreme

1st - First pick at the prizes + Red B-00 Standard Type Beystadium + Gold Spriggan Layer + Gold Driver + Gold Face + 3 Credits
2nd - Second pick at the prizes + B-19 Burst Beystadium + Gold Ragnaruk Layer + Silver Face + 2 Credits
3rd - Last pick at the prizes + B-12 Deathscyther Oval Accel + Bronze Face + 1 Credit


222 St. Patrick Street (The Michener) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada in room 1325 (Gaming Room)

Entry Fee
No admission to participate in the tournament, though you do need to buy a membership (ticket) to get into the convention and participate in the tournament which is $10 CAD until January 10th 11:59pm and $15 CAD after January 10th! Get your membership soon!

What is Beyblade Burst?
Beyblade Burst is the brand new, third generation of Beyblade by TAKARA-TOMY! It was launched in July 2015 in Japan. If you are not familiar with Beyblade Burst, please take a look at the Beywiki article covering it, the Bey News Thread, or the Beyblade General Forum.

Awakening Amaterios Prize Campaign

[Image: hSC9Tqh.gif]

Awaken the legendary Beyblade Amaterios Aero Assault – and claim it as your own!

Prove your strength as a Blader by winning the most consecutive battles in this tournament to win an exclusive Face, the Shard of Amaterios. Collect 3 Shards of Amaterios to summon the legendary Beyblade straight to your doorstep.

Think you can make it? Post here!
If you think you'll be able to make it out to Beyblade Shogatsu, please post here and I will start building an attendance list!


Possible Attendees:
I would like to attend!
Confirm me, please!
Awesome! Good job getting this all together, 1234beyblade! I'm there. Smile
I will be there Smile
I'll see if I can get a pass, don't know if I can after buying an AN16 pass ;~;

Possible, please! Smile
Put me down as a maybe! I won't know my work schedule for another couple of weeks but if I'm not working I will definitely attend.
Sign me up!
Im down for coming!
I got my pass. See you guys there
@[Kei], @[cadney], @[Mitsu], @[Minion], @[JesseObre], @[ThermalG], @[Suntailhawk], @[Hato], @[Lani]

Just want to inform you all that the location of anime shogatsu has changed!

It will now be located at 222 St. Patrick Street (The Michener).
It's the original location for Anime North, apparently!
I'm not working so I'll definitely be there! Can't wait! Smile
(Jan. 18, 2016  10:12 PM)Lani Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not working so I'll definitely be there! Can't wait! Smile


If watching on Mobile device there's a chance the sound could be corrupted
Awesome video, and I do not know if you already wore it in a previous video but the T-shirt looks quite good on you hah. You also pronounced Jiraiya MS perfectly, besides the rolled r but whatever hah. Thank you for doing this, I hope this tournament can be very big and become a staple not only in January but at this convention.
WE are re uploading the video somehow on cell phones the sound is corrupted.
The video looks great thanks for the help in advertising and hopfully we see new people there!
Awesome video!

So I was just offered a really well paying job out of town and I'm not sure I'll make it back to the city next weekend. If I don't make it out to this I hope it goes well and you all have a blast. ~
(Jan. 24, 2016  4:43 AM)Minion Wrote: [ -> ]So I was just offered a really well paying job out of town and I'm not sure I'll make it back to the city next weekend. If I don't make it out to this I hope it goes well and you all have a blast. ~

Oh no! I mean, that's great. Smile Hopefully you can make it back to the city in time.
Confirm me!

Should be getting my tickets soon, hopefully tomorrow! Smile
Possible. Miss you guys alot.

Kei's Items For Sale at Beyblade Shogatsu
Sales are First Come, First Served

  • B-00 SB - Spriggan Layer Black Ver. (NIP, wbba. Event Exclusive, w/Gold BeyLogger Sheet, BeyCode) - $40
  • B-00 SR Spread Disk Red Ver. (NIP, wbba. Event Exclusive, w/Silver BeyLogger Sheet, BeyCode) - $40
  • B-23 Starter Xcalibur Force Xtreme x3 - $32 each ($29 without BeyCode)
  • B-24 Random Booster Vol.2 Evileye Wing Needle x7 - $19 each ($17 without BeyCode)
  • B-24 Evileye Wing Needle (Mint/Unused, w/BeyCode) x1 - $30 ($27 without BeyCode)
  • B-24 Deathscyther Armed Blow (Mint/Unused, Turquoise, w/BeyCode) x2 - $16 each ($14 without BeyCode)
  • B-24 Wyvern Heavy Accel (Mint/Unused, Red, w/BeyCode) x1 - $16 ($14 without BeyCode)
  • B-24 Wyvern Central Needle (Mint/Unused, Brown, w/BeyCode) x2 - $16 each($14 without BeyCode)
  • B-15 Spriggan Central Accel (Mint/Unused, Green) - $12
  • B-15 Ragnaruk Wing Defense (Mint/Unused, Orange) - $12
I'll be selling 5x Neptune Armed Zephyr $15 each.
Whoaa, you got them so quickly!
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