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Full Version: 2 plastic gen beyblade IN BOX for sale
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Not sure if this is allowed but I just listed two mint plastic gen beyblades on ebay.... I think some collectors might be interested to see them.... Wink
ha! sold right away.
who bought it?
Damn, were they really worth that ?
that is the trending price on ebay. but this are in like new condition, so is a good deal.
Carp. Totes would've bought these ..!
Someone named beybladestore_97. Don't know if he came from here or not. IML if you are a collector yes they are worth that, maybe more. I paid 115 for the dragoon and 145 for Dranzer. But I needed the cash for text books this semester. I really did not want to do it, but such is life. Good luck trying to find these in boxes anywhere else though... Lol. Anyone interested in buying them pm me in case my buyer falls through in paying. I also have many more Takara and sono Kong BNIB box plastic gens, just didn't feel like listing that many. Plus BNIB metal legends. Anyone can message me if they're interested in those.