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Full Version: Europe based Burst Seller wanted!!
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Hey bladers I am currently looking for Bust beyblades.
I live in the UK so if there is a European seller that can sell me a Burst bey I would appreciate it.
I really need a Burst bey before the start of February so that's why I'm badly looking for one now.
Currently I am looking for either a good balance or attack bey.
I don't mind stamina or defence but I think in a tournament balance or attack is gonna win it for me.
If there is any Europe based seller for Burst that charges around £15 - £20 I am willing to pay.
Hey Zero,
How are you ?? Hope your are doing well there. Did you Try ???
Well Here is the link for that :-
If your Specifically Looking for UK sellers than just select Item Location To UK Only Or European Union.
I did that but only few items were found of Beyblade Burst specifically from UK Sellers.

Edit :- Forget that there is you can search there Some of Beyblade Burst Products available There.
Link :-

Also you check out this thread :-
If your are comfortable with Purchasing from Japan well that thread I think says it all. You can try Hobbylink Japan. They Offer EMS Speed Post Shipping and FedEx Shipping too.

Also Dimsum2u (WBO Authorized Seller is also there) you can contact him by Email By going to his Profile.
Here is his Selling Thread Link :-
Maybe Ordering From the links I provided from other than The UK Ones . you can get it quite fast and before February that too at Pretty Good Prices.(Maybe has also good Prices.)
Cheers !!!
Hey Burst,
I'm doing good how about you?
I completely forgot to check out eBay.
After looking at them they are more expensive when compared to Dimsum2u.
I know he is an authorized seller however his page says the delivery will take 2 weeks or longer for Europe.
I want to get a Burst bey before a January Burst tournament.
If I was just casually buying a Burst bey then Dimsum2u would be my go to.
I'm not very comfortable with purchasing from Japan sites because I would have to check the exchange ratio and some sites aren't very reliable and in the past I've had problems buying from places like Japan.
I think I will go for ebay, even though the prices are more expensive I think it's worth it since I can get the bey before February.
Thank you so much for all the information.
Now I've gotta figure out which bey to get.
Thanks again Burst.
Sure I hope you have also checked out the Amazon UK links that I edited afterwards.
Cheers !!!
I've looked at them but to be honest the eBay links seem the most promising since the item location is in the UK.
Again thanks Grin
Oh Oops I am sorry for that Most Of The Amazon Uk Sellers Selling Burst products are from Japan or Hong Kong. Mostly Japan. Didn't check that Lately.Thanks For clarifying it to me. Smile
Cheers !!!