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Full Version: Looking to buy a few beyblades
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Hello I was looking for a few beys to buy/trade, I am looking for:
Hell Kerbecs
Wolborg MS
L Drago Guardian
Meteo L Drago Rush
Meteo L Drago Assault
Meteo L Drago Absorb
Meteo L Drago gold recolor (from Triple Battle Set)
CoroCoro Lightning L Drago
Lightning L Drago gold recolor (from Super Vortex Battle Set)
Evil Kerbecs
Death Quetzalcoatl

I am also looking for a BB10 attack stadium
HMS System launchers and other MFB stadiums also accepted
I am willing to trade:
Torch Gemios
Archer Griffin
Custom Dranzer/Pegasis
I know that I am really late, but are you still looking for them?