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Full Version: Drowe's Buying List
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Hey guys,

So ive recently started getting back into beyblade's more precisely il be looking for Plastics & HMS to purchase. so i thought id make a thread to get things started.

Il be adding in the blades i want slowly over time, i dont want bombarding with lots of pm's if i put a full list of all the blades i want Smile il end up losing track of who im buying what from and i dont want to annoy any of you guys because i get overwhelmed.

So here are my starting purchases;

Dragoon F
Driger F
Dranzer F
Draciel F
Burning Kerberous

I also have no Ripcords and launchers for the plastic gen so any help in that regard would also be greatly appreciated.
Currently im not interested in any rare colourations of the blades i want to purchase, im just looking for standard blades.

also a quick query about the WBO price guide, are the prices on there Based on NIP or are they for mint blades that are built etc. if someone could PM the answer that would be great.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to look.

If you´re referring to the price reference list in beywiki, that´s a NIP price list. But most of the prices are totally outdated, so I wouldn´t use that one. Better ask for specific prices in the plastics QA thread.
Update original post.

Driger S
Dranzer S
Dragoon S
Draciel S


Burning Kerberous