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Full Version: want to Sale/trade hms , mfb & 4ds
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yo all guys,...... m selling hms and mfb stuffs at cheap mine whatssapp no 9006848681 can ship worldwide even at ur expense . the following beys avilable are
dranzer hms×1
spark dragon hms really sparks!!×1
draciel hms × 1
driger hms × 1
strata dragoon hms×1

....M.F.B stuffs...

ldrago destroy remote control .25$
nemisis tt and hasbro both have25$&15$
phantom orion b:d-30$
vareris d:d-25$
ldrago destructor hasbro (from hyper strike set)15$ its golden colur and look nice :)[/font]
rock leone10$ hasbro
meteo ldrago 10$hasbro
assault ldrago tt 15$
hades kerbs.......10$hasbro
these only have for sale : / the condition are awesome trust me! send me email & pm also cuz some chance is there iwill be replying in pm so.... better send email or whats app me[]have proto nemisis also for sale @ 45$
(they r mine if u want surely send pm or post gmail in this thread iwill send pics)
You need to add a picture of your stuff and a piece of paper with your username written on it to the OP. Wink
will add surely