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Full Version: Want to buy Beyblades
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HI, I live in India and I do not have PayPal.
I want some good 4D and Zero G beys.
I can shell out upto 500 Rs. per bey.
Please PM me with you best offer and a Pic of you bey with username written on a piece of paper next to it.

preffered beys are:
Flash Saggitario
Blitz Unicorno
Death Quetzaquotal
Bandit Genbull
and other 4D beys and Zero G beys
4D aren't available for 500inr(In MINT condition). Only Zero Gs by Hasbro are available in that range(NIB/MINT). If u can spend some more money u can get 4Ds (In GOOD condition from some Indian members who wants to sell them at cheap cost)Also if u can spare upto $13-18( aprox 800-1200 inr) u can get some 4Ds on
500 INR is like 7.48$
I have been into the Indian and global market since years. I can tell you, if 4D beys were so cheap, i would've purchased them for 7-8$, i would pay 10$ if necessary
Some new buyer from india will popup and say. Hey i can give 700INR for each of those above mentioned 4Ds.. Well, then you loose your chance of getting it, cuz sellers want to sell their beys for a reasonable amount.

I have tried this. I started my own part time job to earn money, and i use that for beyblades and other stuff. you too can try any part time job if you are short on cash. A bit of struggle and it will help
Hope that helps Smile
Thanks ashton...I may increase my budget to 1000 rs upto next year...