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Full Version: [Roanoke, VA, USA] December, 15, 2015 - V for Valkyrie (Burst)
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Happy 7th WBO Anniversary, Virginia Bladers!

As part of the annual celebrations, this tournament will be held at Hidden Valley High School in Roanoke, VA on Tuesday, December 15th, during their Tabletop Games Club meeting in Room 123. Prior to the event, please be sure to have read the rules regarding Beyblade Burst in the Universal Rulebook.

Despite this event being held at a school, it's after hours, so anybody is welcome to attend! Just post in this thread beforehand to let us know if you're coming so we can send someone to the door to meet you--it might be locked!

Address: 5000 Titan Trail, Roanoke, VA 24018
Registration: 3:25-3:30 PM
Start time: 3:40-3:45 PM
End time: 5:00 PM
Format: Burst!
Stadium: B-09 Standard Type Burst BeyStadium
Fees: None! Happy WBO Anniversary!
Prize: FREEDOM (jk, it's credits, which you can use here)

If you have any questions, or if you plan to make it, please post in this thread!

Confirmed Attendees:
  1. Angry Face
  2. Copper Spark
  3. Ejam
  4. Morkad
  5. Unregistered (Sarah)
  6. jizeru1
  7. mister389

Tournament Bracket:
Sick banner \m/
Hey sign me up ( this is John by the way)
(Dec. 10, 2015  7:03 AM)mister389 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey sign me up ( this is John by the way)

Yooooo, gotcha.

(Dec. 06, 2015  7:06 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]Sick banner m/

woo hoo another burst format tournament :D

This tournament almost didn't happen, as four of our confirmed players disappeared at the last minute, but out of nowhere, four good members of our Tabletop Games Club stepped in and saved it! These were the final standings:

1st: Morkad (Undefeated!! What?!)
Kerbeus Heavy Defense

2nd: Angry Face (aka the "Pirate Tyrant" (EDIT: Context.))
Deathscyther Spread Claw
Valkyrie Heavy Accel

3rd: KM4ADB
Spriggan Central Defense

Thanks so much to Dr. Shrek, Critanium, fhfhfhfhfhfh, and KM4ADB for stepping in to play in today's event, and Morkad and mister389 for sticking to their commitments. You guys really turned this nearly-dead event around and gave it a great atmosphere! I really hope we'll get to do this again sometime.

Also, props to Morkad for the M&Ms and Hershey Kisses! Grin

Pictures: (Click to View)

Tournament Spreadsheet:
dude shame on you

Ragnarekted by a kerbeus combo, pff.
It looks like you guys had so much fun, cool that the event happened.
Late reply, but congratulations everyone!

@[Angry Face], is everyone in those photos you took OK with them being uploaded to Facebook?
@[Mitsu] Yep, and thanks!
So awesome!! And thank you for the great sign Grin

Hope some of them will become regulars!
Faces and Credits for this tournament have been distributed, and the matches remain to be processed, unlike what I had mistakenly done with UltimateOrion's Belated Birthday Bash hah.

This event seemed like a blast, so congratulations to everyone who made it one !