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Full Version: Meta's buying thread
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I'm preparing this for the Christmas season and I know a lot of people are planning to get rid of there beyblades around this time, except it's early November so never mind to get to the point!

I'm willing to buy beyblades or the following I'm also willing to buy fakes as well, I know that some of you have them and have been wanting to get rid of I'm mostly looking for Hasbro beyblades for MFB and Takara for plastics but if you have either of what I'm looking for, money is money as you all understand, so condition of course will vary (Only exception are the rare HMS') so lists are below!

If you have any bey parts in the list and you want to get rid of them, I'm willing to buy those as well!
I'll be paying through Paypal usd of course, if you would like another way of payment (like stripe) then I'll be happy to modify it for your liking.




Gear and other stuff ya know...

What is your currency
(Nov. 07, 2015  12:51 AM)taxus Wrote: [ -> ]What is your currency

Oopsy! I forgot to put it in the OP, it's usd.
lets make a deal!