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Full Version: Hello! This is Gossip Toys!
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Hello everyone! I am Ian from Gossip Toys!

We are a Online Toys Store based in the U.S.A. We started selling Toys since 2014, including beyblades and all other toys. All of our inventories are 100% Japanese version, and we only sell the best beyblades and the ones that are usually expensive.

We are thinking of selling our beyblade selections here on the site, here are the selections.

I would like to hear opinions from all of you bladers, if you guys like it I will move this to the selling sections of the WBO site.
All inventories are in America, currency is USD and all prices are priority 2-day shipping included.
BB-51 $189.99
BB-76 $89.99
BB-80 $32.99
BB-97 $53.99
BB-98 $49.99
BB-107 $89.99
BB-114 $43.99
BB-117 $87.99
And the Rev Up Launcher Exslusive Set $199.99

What do you guys think? Deal?
Also, international shipping worldwide is USD 9.99

Gossip Toys- Selling nothing but the Best.
Yeah this needs to be moved to the selling section and you need to have photos of the Beys as well.
We want shop like urs in our country too
Those prices...
I agree, some of your prices are a little too much, but some seem to be quite fair with the current market value of some of the Beys. Just curious as to how you guys chose your prices, is it compared to eBay prices?
I will move this to the Selling & Trading sub-forum. If you wish to sell here though, you will need to post photographs with a piece of paper with your username written on it.
Yes admin, and yes buyers. I will revise this thread as soon as possible and attach pictures for each one of them. And most importantly, will do some price adjustments so we can all be happy Smile thanks
Where are you located?
We are located in New Orleans, Louisiana Smile