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Full Version: [SELLING] MASSIVE Metal Fight, Fusion, Masters collection on eBay
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Hello everyone

First, let me say that the new Burst line looks pretty darn awesome!

This Is Killer's dad, so forgive me if any info is off. It's been a while since he was active in the bey community as he's gone in other directions the last few years (translation: OBOX ONE Call of Duty Advanced Warfare lol). My son was a bey fanatic. That's an understatement..... At one time, He was ranked as high as 62nd and it was a great for his confidence as he was and still is, a little shy. His dad was nuts (me). We brought in beys from all the usual suspect like 88powerpig, Dimsum2u, Akiras daddy, BuzzToy etc....

Anyway, the whole regular release portion of his collection is listed on eBay right now. Just about everything from BB01 to BB126 except for BB18 and a few of the earlier Random Booster beys. I know for a fact that Vol. 7 8 and 9 are all in there. Photos show boxes ONLY TO ILLUSTRATE THE SERIOUSNESS of the collection. No boxes on used bey sets are included. We counted about 150 bey tools and many black ones were thrown out later on as well as many standard rip stick style launchers. We saved a couple that were still sealed for those that may want em. Otherwise, this lot is all about string launchers. Box will weigh about 31 pounds. Sale will be strictly on eBay because that will be safest for both buyer and seller as protections are in place for each. Photos pretty much tell the story on this lot.
eBay listing:

Way more pics here:
KillerSpinner's Youtube channel where you can find a few other videos so you can see what is on the sale horizon. Please check them out! Thanks!
(because KillerSpinner was already taken on YouTube! LOL)
Can you post the eBay link?
This is all good, but could you take a photograph of some of the more unique items you are selling with a piece of paper with your username on it, just to follow the procedure we require of everyone ?

Also, I will move this to the Selling & Trading sub-forum where it might get more visibility.
Thanks, Kai-V. I appreciate your help.

[Image: 20151017_091549.jpg]

The entire lot has been professionally packed (yes, professionally as I have worked at UPS for 15 years) with great care to fill voids with items so the stadiums arrive intact. It took an hour to do so. There will still be filler (packing peanuts, bubble wrap etc..) to complete the process, but this is what it will look like when first opened and top layer of filler removed.

Here's a short video for a slightly better view:
I put two or three handfuls of Beyblades in large Ziploc bags and then rolled each one to make "logs."
This will help distribute the weight an well as spread out the weight to soften impact during shipping. EVERYTHING from the eBay listing is in there.
I stand behind this lot with a very solid eBay seller reputation. It's been packed as I would hope if buying it myself. If any questions, feel free to PM me here but I ask you to also PM me in eBay messaging as well. This is important because it stays on record and can serve as protection for us both. ;-)

Thank you all!
We have just begun sorting through all of his special release, event and recolors. Those will be listed later on. If you have ANY questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!
Thanks again ;-)
This is a pretty unique lot as far as MFB goes. Kind of surprised at the lack of interest.
You're probably going to get a lot of bids a lot closer to the end of the auction. I don't know a ton about where MFB went but that seems like a great lot.
Well, thirty-three bids is not so bad even though they could have all been from only two people hah. In any case, unless that lot remains that low, I think that not only people will be more interested in either much smaller lots or individual items, but you will also make more money using that method. However, of course each item might take longer to go than the whole set will, if rapidity is what you want. I also do not recall Members here ever being really excited 1-about a Metal Fight Beyblade lot and 2-about a fellow Member's lot, no matter what it is hah.
I know. I sat down with Matthew and tried to reassemble them. It was easier 3 yrs ago. We both forgot all the names of most as well as parts. Wiki was not much use as it was tedious with this many beys. I lost KillerSpinner 10 minutes in lol

We'll see how it looks with less than 20 hrs left or so. You know how much they cost even if you score em all at killer rock bottom prices. Some "old friends" of the WBO have reached out as well.
OK, guys. It sold. No where near for what I was hoping. I know all the reasons why. Not really bummed, but oh well....

Anyway, thank you to all the bladers who checked it out.