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Full Version: Selling 500 Mint BEYBLADES, Dragoon GT, Dranzer GT, Zeus
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your photographs are not showing.
images are not showing.
Now you can see my pictures.
No, all images are not showing up at the moment. The latest bunch are just identical squares saying "NOT AUTHORIZED". I think you are hosting your pictures on sites where they are set as private instead of public. Try uploading them to sites like and copying the Direct Link they give you for each image.
still not working lol. Upload to TinyPic and copy the coding they provide for forums and message boards.
Now I'm really interested in what's on those pictures, lol!!!
Here are the images that work, you had simply copied the wrong link given by Imgur :

[Image: 5uKDPRQ.jpg]

[Image: Fam5nDD.jpg]

The third one was the same as the second though.

Would it be possible to take a photograph of the Beyblades you have in stock but with a piece of paper with your username on it ? As you saw when creating this topic, it is a requirement in this forum, even if you have an eBay account. I know this might seem like a lot of issues to go over, but it is just the least we can do to protect both the sellers and the customers here.
Hehe, re-taking 400 pictures, ouch! Wish he would have noticed the rules beforehandGrin
(Oct. 13, 2015  4:16 PM)gankoba Wrote: [ -> ]Hehe, re-taking 400 pictures, ouch! Wish he would have noticed the rules beforehandGrin

No no, he could just take a group shot of all his stock and put one piece of paper, that would even be better for us hah.
don think so
Which lot has what is in the third photo? I can't seem to find it a lot of the stuff that are in that photo in any of your auctions.