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Full Version: Moving to Eastbourne
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Hey guys i thought i should tell you all that i'm moving from were rocky lives literally, to Eastbourne, i'm moving on the 29th of december 2009, and i will still be able to attend the tournaments that's happening in the UK around London i plan not to miss any.

The house i'm moving to is a bigger house, nicer area and has a much better school than i'm in now the one i'm in now on average only 32% pass GCSE the new school i'm going to it's around 86% so a large difference i'm glad i'm moving it's for the better for my a family and especially for my sister reasons which i cannot say Rocky might understand what i'm on about and if so please don't tell anyone. and also i'm kinda sad cause i'm leaving all my mates. Btw is there anyone on WBO t hat lives around Eastbourne.

Feel free to ask me questions any other of which i stated.
This is so weird, it's like losing a brother. You better come visit loads. Speechless
good luck cutewolfsam Smile
Rocky i will visit quite alot it's only an hour by train to london lol, also i got to see my bros once in a while aswell.

Bey tempestas: who's pich?
sory made a mistake soooo embarrassed Unhappy
Don't worry i've done worse, on an introduction of myself when i first joined and i din't know who bey brad was and well me and him kinda got in an argument.
thanks for understanding im so sorry.
Good luck dude!
Thansk ash hope you do well through your school life.
Have a good time at your new house!! Wink
Good luck with the move........
2 days to go! Must be putting everything in boxes ready to go Unhappy
Moving house is a hard thing to go through but this is you we are talking about so I am sure you will be fine and good luck with it all. Smile
Good luck to your new homeSmile