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Full Version: Looking for Launchers (Plastics)
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I'm looking for the electronic bitbeast themed beyblade launchers from the plastics series. I would like a fully functional Dragoon one with all parts in tact and any other working one, which I care less about the condition of.
In addition, I may take faulty and partial launchers.

I live in the UK.
I have one, but shipping to UK is expensive for this item, this is heavy.
As you say, postage isn't cheap for these, I'm not sure it's worth it for just the one.
you could buy a lot off of online stores ( ebay,amazon,searsmarketplace...) and you could get a bunch of launchers
I have a spare... I'll pm you
i broke my plastic beyblade luncher and rip cord its for plastic beyblades would someone be generous enough to send me a free beyblade launcher and rip cord for my plastic bey