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Full Version: 4th Season: MR System
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(Jan. 18, 2016  3:39 AM)Mega L-Drago 24 Wrote: [ -> ]I mean like where you know everyone is an adult gingka is barely seen Tsubasa is leader of the wbba for some reason!

I know what you're talking about. But what does that have to do with anything here?
Once Again! Double Post

Finished the 3rd Chapter:
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Beyblades Introduced in this Chapter:

So, anything anybody wants to discuss? Or no? Anyway, I should get started brainstorming what happens next in the new arc. If anybody has got ideas, please post them
How about an King making an appearance with masamune
Maybe, I still want to reveal King later on though because of Variares' evolution. I was thinking of something like a training journey like I previously mentioned. As I want to, firstly, show of the new Sagittario and also explain Kenta's power.

Does anybody want to spice things up? Because I am bored of double/triple posting. I really am, so one more time, has anybody in any world got any suggestions for the next arc?

I revisited this idea and tweaked it a bit. Solar Wings Pegasis is the example Beyblade, it is now Metal Revolution instead of Metal Rubber. I haven't started tweaking the chapters tho.

Redid Chapter 1
Seems legit
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