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Full Version: [10/25/2015 Silver Spring, MD] Beyblade Burst Onto The Scene: Maryland
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[Image: EomDz8b.png]
Marther Luther King Jr. Park
1120 Jackson Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Tournament Registration: 11AM
Tournament Start: 12:30PM

From seemingly out of nowhere, the third generation of Beyblade has burst onto the scene! Bladers of Maryland, this is your chance to test your mettle, try out Beyblades from the exciting, explosive new series that is Beyblade Burst, build the best Beyblade you can, and receive one for yourself to take home!

First 7 Participants get a brand new Beyblade to use and take home!
And listen, we're not asking for those products back at the end, no way! Those are really gifts for the community! The first 7 Bladers to arrive at the tournament will randomly pick one Layer, one Disk, and one Driver from the Beyblade Burst items shipped to the host, and leave with it at the end!!

Please Note: If you already have Burst items please let the other bladers that does not have burst go

What happens if there are more than seven players, do you ask? Quite simply, these first seven, lucky Bladers will be asked to share with the players who came in later to the event when they are not playing in an official battle with it already. Their Beyblade will be returned at the end, because the host will have written down who got what.


First Place: B-06 Booster Ragnauk Central Accel, B-05 Booster Spriggan Heavy Defense or B-13 Booster Valkyrie Spread Survive + Grip Launcher WITH Beylogger + Gold Face and 3+ Credits!
Second Place: Last Two Burst that remains in First Place Prize!, Beylogger + Silver Face And 2+ Credits!
Third Place: Last Burst that remains in Second Place Prize! + Beylogger Bronze Face With 1+ Credits!

Mandatory $5 Entry Fee = More Beyblade Burst Events + Extra Credits!
To help subsidize the high cost of importing some of the new Beyblade Burst items from Japan, a mandatory $5 entry fee will be imposed on all Beyblade Bursts Onto The Scene events, regardless of whether or not a participant has a Blader Passport (if you wish to purchase a Blader Passport, the total cost would be $15 at a Beyblade Bursts Onto The Scene event), and there will be no prize reimbursement. We hope that everyone can understand this! The more funds we have, the more we can afford to do for the community in the future! We're actually going to be losing money despite this entry fee, and for those that receive a Beyblade, it will be much cheaper to get one that way than it would be to import one yourself (although we certainly hope you all do this after playing with them!). However, to show our appreciation for your cooperation and support in helping to fund the championship, all participants in Qualifier Series tournaments will receive the following:
  • +1 Extra Credit to be used for prizes from our awesome Blader Rewards, on top of whatever they would have normally earned.
  • New Passport Holders will earn +2 Extra Credits, rather than +1, 2 Face Boosters from the list above, rather than just 1.

"But what about my BeyPoints? I've never played Beyblade Burst!"
No problem! The first Beyblade Event in every region will not count towards the BeyPoint System. Think of it as an opportunity to experiment and just focus on having fun with the new series.

Of course however, there will also be Faces and Credits to play for. Wink

What is Beyblade Burst?
Beyblade Burst is the brand new, third generation of Beyblade by TAKARA-TOMY! It is set to launch in July 2015 in Japan. If you are not familiar with Beyblade Burst, please take a look at the Beywiki article covering it:

And be sure to check the Beyblade Burst - Bey News Forum Thread for the latest news on the series as it is announced.

Spread the Word!
Are you as excited about the festivities as we are?! If so, be sure to tell your friends about it! And if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

[Image: twitteric.png] @worldbeyblade [Image: facebookic.png] WorldBeybladeOrganization

Spread the word!

Think you can make it? Post here!
If you think you'll be able to make it out to Beyblade Bursts Onto The Scene: Maryland, please post here and I will start building an attendance list!

Confirmed Attendees
Beymaster147 (editing later)

Possible Attendees:
Greninja Master
night wing 247
Good Luck on this one! There are so many bladers in MD and I know this new format will revive the whole region. MD will again be a hotspot for Beyblade activity!
Let's make it big!
@[Dr. Im]
@[night wing 247]
@[Thunder Dome]

Good luck Stars!
Stars jumped the gun and posted this before I could get the logo to him! Just added it to the OP. Smile

Good luck with this, everyone!
This is sweeter than candy corn! Thank you Kei!
omg lol i just pm'd him a logo xD

Have fun, you guys! Wish I could come up for this event too!
Mini update~

All burst items i bought have been shipped~!

Edit: Someone needs to update the event box Smile
I'll might be able to pop out of my Shadows and throw it down with ya'll.
Got you mate. spread the word! I will just embarrass myself and put out flyers through out my college public board
Is anyone coming from the Baltimore area that would be willing to carpool? I live next to the DE/PA border(s) and I don't think my car could make it all the way to Silver Spring. I'd be willing to drive to Baltimore and give someone money for gas if they'd be up for carpooling. I would have to know pretty soon though so I can call off work.
@[Wizard] you should hit up OnTheDL. They live north of Baltimore
[Image: botmslonggif_zpszvxaflw3.gif]
Graphic if you want to use it.
(Sep. 24, 2015  7:31 PM)Stars Wrote: [ -> ]@[Wizard] you should hit up OnTheDL. They live north of Baltimore

I think that would be in Towson. Who?
OnTheDL is geetster99's mom.
(Sep. 25, 2015  1:01 AM)*Ginga* Wrote: [ -> ]OnTheDL is geetster99's mom.

Ah, ok. I texted Geester about it after getting his number from Time but he never responded.
Hey guys~ All burst stuff just arrived!

Pictures! Please Admire them!
I Know I'll be able to make it
I'm confirmed
Yes! It'll be great to see you.
Is this a limited format tournament?
This is a Burst Format tournament @[Alexjv2000]
Does that mean burst beys only
Yes, however if you are one of the first 7 people to show up to the tournament you get a free Burst bey!
perfect thanks
I'll be there
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