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Full Version: [Montreal, Quebec 10/25/15] Beyblade Bursts Onto the Scene: Montreal
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[Image: Beyblade_Bursts_Onto_the_Scene_Montreal_WBO.png]
3575 ​boul. Saint-Laurent, Suite #119, ​Montreal, QC, H2X 2T7 (Google Maps)


Event starts at 12 PM

The WBO's Beyblade Bursts Onto the Scene tournament series is finally hitting Montreal!

We'll be setting up at Parc la Fontaine with a smorgasbord of the latest and greatest Beyblade series, kicking things off with a Beyblade lesson sure to enlighten new players and refresh the knowledge of existing ones!

Come compete to become Montreal's first Beyblade Burst champion!

Get your own free Beyblade to take home!

No Bey? No problem! If you don't have a Burst Beyblade of your own, we'll be happy to lend you one.

And at the end of the event, all 7 rental Beyblades will be raffled off (with priority given to those who have no Beyblades), so you might even get to take it home with you! Expect to see every Beyblade Burst release mixed into the selection.

In addition, everyone in the top 3 will receive the latest Beyblade release!

1st Prize:
B-17 Odin Central Blow, +3 Credits, [Image: goldface.png] Gold Face

2nd Prize:
B-17 Odin Central Blow, +2 Credits, [Image: silverface.png] Silver Face

3rd Prize:
B-17 Odin Central Blow, +1 Credit, [Image: bronzeface.png] Bronze Face

Registration Fee
  • $6 for Blader Passport holders [Image: passport_face.png]
  • $12 General Admission
  • Sale: Purchase a Blader Passport — which provides unlimited access to WBO events for a year — for $13 CAD, $7 less than the normal price of $20 CAD

Due to the high cost of importing Beyblade Burst from Japan and giving it all away, there is a $6 CAD entry fee even if you have a Blader Passport. We'll still lose money running this event, but it's a small price to pay to bring an awesome Beyblade Burst event to the Montreal community!

Plus, there's bonuses:
  • +1 Extra Credit to be used for prizes from our awesome Blader Rewards, in addition to whatever credits you earn throughout the tournament.
  • New Passport Holders will earn +2 Extra Credits, rather than just +1.

"But what about my BeyPoints? I've never played Beyblade Burst!"

No problem! This event is unranked, so your BeyPoints won't be affected. Focus on experimenting and having fun with Beyblade Burst!

However, you'll still earn Faces and Credits for battling well!

What is Beyblade Burst?

Beyblade Burst is the brand new, third generation of Beyblade by TAKARA-TOMY that launched in this summer in Japan! Check out our video review for the full details:

Spread the word!

Are you as excited about the festivities as we are?! If so, be sure to tell your friends about it! And if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

[Image: twitteric.png] @worldbeyblade [Image: facebookic.png] WorldBeybladeOrganization

Spread the word!

Think you can make it? Post here!

If you think you'll be able to make it out to Beyblade Bursts Onto The Scene: Montreal, please confirm your attendance by replying! Thanks!

Confirmed Attendees

+ 3 New Players
Confirm me yo.
Confirm Me!

Put krustyburger05 and cricricapricorn as possible!

I will Spread the word!
Well, you can confirm me.
Awesome, six already Smile

I don't plan to participate in this tournament, BTW!
Oh, and you can confirm TheGalaxyKing and Dobby as well.
Eight already. Awesome!
I don't have their confirmation yet, but I can probably guess they will follow me as always :')
Although I can't promise anything I'll try my absolute best to come yo!
you have to be there! Tongue_out we didn't see you that much this year!

edit: By the way! Don't forget to put this event in the upcoming event and the beymap!
(Sep. 16, 2015  7:36 PM)loyd87 Wrote: [ -> ]you have to be there! Tongue_out we didn't see you that much this year!

edit: By the way! Don't forget to put this event in the upcoming event and the beymap!

Yup, I am on a crazy big work trip so I'd appreciate if someone else could add all the new events Smile
probably Kai-V could do that. I've no access for that unfortunatly hah!
Events do not appear on the map if they happen in more than thirty days, and since there is also a tournament before that in Montréal, I prefer to wait. I did add some of the other world tournaments though.
sounds good! thx for this infos that i didn't know hah!
Just a note: the rental Beyblades at this event will be from Random Booster Volume 1, so don't miss your chance to get some cool recolors Smile
cool just bad I couldn't take one of those Grin :')
Hahaha, I might have a few to sell, I dunno!
how much you wanted for?
Plenty of Ragnaruks, Wings and Fusions for sale I am sure. Haha.
Trident will be in the rentals beyblade?! if it does I blame myself to be in advance to buy some burst hah!
^ Definitely not. haha
WHY 12 $ for normal fee?
He just switched the passport fee and the general admission by mistake.
Actually, there is really an additional obligatory five-dollar (US dollars ...) entry fee to help fund the costs of the free Beyblade Burst products. In fact, when you think about it, even those extra five dollars might not cover all the costs associated with hosting this tournament, so this is really needed and it is a small thing compared to what all the stuff costs.

So, indeed, while Passport Holders would have had nothing to pay in a regular tournament, for this event they have a mandatory six Canadian dollars to pay. For those without a valid Blader Passport, they would have had to pay six Canadian dollars, but there is an extra six dollars on top of that due to the mandatory fee.

And you could even also purchase a Blader Passport at this event, so it would basically cost eighteen dollars, but to compensate with the fact that we are aware that this is a considerable payment, you get extra Credits for that special occasion.
Worth noting that Passports are still available at the old price at Bursts Onto the Scene events, so if you don't have one, now's a great time to get one. Smile
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