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Beyblade Care & Collection Development

Hello Beyblade enthusiasts! Whether you are an avid collector or a serious competitor, Beyblade has a major part in your heart. Being such major fans of the series, we do our best to keep the hobby alive by organizing events, introducing new players, creating articles, making reviews, etc.. Keeping the hobby alive is hard to do though when your personal collection is on the brink of death!

What is the point of this article? The goal is to create a basic overlook and step by step procedure to keep your collection in good condition and to also build on your collection wisely!

Community Question:
How do YOU organize your collection?

Tri Wrote:I organize my collection by ensuring that any valuable part I own (which is the majority) is put away in a contained area so that it is easily reachable. I believe tackle boxes are the most convenient thing to use to separate parts by type, rarity, etc..

Making sure my parts are not tightly compacted also helps, whether it is rubber bottoms, tracks, or metal wheels. It could easily cause damage with the constant pressure so it is a great idea to place them properly. Placing in rows rather than stacking is the best advice I can give honestly.

KEEP YOUR COLLECTION OUT OF DAMP, COLD AREAS. Oxidation and rust is a very sad thing to see on a part. For one it makes the part not as sparkly and pretty, and is also can affect performance. I've never heard of a cade where this has happened, but mold would be a very gross case.

Wash your parts thoroughly after use. Scraping that dust off your RF with your thumb isn't enough, kiddo. Soap and water really help, and not just with your self.

At the moment, it is not a step by step procedure, but that is why it is entitled community question for the time being. I'm hoping that it might become an official article in the future for bladers to follow and get some helpful tips.

Developing a collection!
Purchasing more Beyblades is a very good feeling. It also puts stress on your bank account and equipment used for organization. This is especially true as a collector, because you want plenty of room for your growing collection. Be prepared for the responsibility of treating your spinning tops like a crown jewel.

Treat your collection space as a dependent variable that changes in response to the independent variable, your collection. For every purchase you make, you want to make sure you have an adequate way to display/organize. This does not just apply to Beyblades.

Community Question:
How do you prepare for future purchases?

Post your opinions and we shall see how this grows. If it doesn't, then ayy, it happens! I just believe that a 'standard' way of part organization could help keep the Beyblades of the present still usable for the future.

Thanks for reading this article of poorly chosen words!
Thanks for this! Something I'm really interested in is recommendations for tournament carrying cases. Do you guys have any preferences?
Any multi-tray tackle box in my opinion, unless you're going into a tournament with an already set number of combinations. If that's the case it is not really necessary. A small divider case could be used in that situation.
I use multiple cases like these. They easily fit in backpacks too which makes them really handy. They are perfect for parts or complete beys. You could throw 2-3 big ones and a couple small ones in a backpack and be good to go. Thats what I do when fishing. A nice tackle box would work great too though. I guess it depends on your preference. Do you want to carry a box or a backpack?
I guess I'm more interested in something like this:

[Image: CM19JR_UYAArcSY.jpg:large]

But perhaps slightly bigger ... I'd definitely rather something that can be carried separately.
Wow that is a nice one. Any idea where to get one?
What about those boxes with spongy things inside for trophies? Is that okay?
(Aug. 30, 2015  6:14 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]I guess I'm more interested in something like this:

[Image: CM19JR_UYAArcSY.jpg:large]

But perhaps slightly bigger ... I'd definitely rather something that can be carried separately.

lol I'd pay to get that~

well there is always the carrying cases and ya know, they're great as they are some are not so great.

The quality of the look of your bey shows how much you watch over them and what not, as for me I can never keep my stickers clean because they some how always get scratched up!

-Equip a carrying case
-Manage your parts and look over them with care and consideration
-keep count and always check on them after a bey battle, sometimes a minor issue can cause a major issue.

-Be aware of the stadiums you play on and or the surface you're battling on. seriously I technically have a HF/Q because of a foolish choice of battle ground.

I'd name a few more though these 4 are the main pointers. #getyourbeybladeingear!
That case is Japanese, sadly. There's similar ones on Amazon from American hardware companies, but they are all an ugly yellow color ... lol
@[Angry Face] has a cool thing where he keeps his beys.

I keep mine in a Black hardware box that may look a little ugly but I just put some Beyblade stickers on it to make it look a little better haha. Generally I keep my Beybaldes in a closet and they are usually good in performance.

One time I visited Singapore and bought a stadium and it was a really bad choice bringing it in the plain with me. That was about 4 years ago and now I understand not to do stuff like that.
My actual case is kinda like that, but really smaller. All my MFB stuff can barely fit inside.
I keep all of my burst beys disassembled, this way the driver springs aren't constantly pushed down.
Yup. And then, when you actually use them, you aren't switching them around and causing more tooth wear. I barely ever actually manually take apart a burst bey
(post deleted)
(Post deleted)
"How do you organize your collection?"

The method that I use to store Beyblades would be tackle boxes you can commonly get on Amazon.
I generally assort them by creating a divider space big enough for the Beyblade and then place them facing top down. The larger surface area gives the Beyblade stability and prevents it from shifting too much while moving them and it does not wear down the tip or expose it to any damage as it's shifting around. The only downside to this method is the wear or scratching to the facebolt if there's debris in each 'cubby.' I plan to cut and place down some foam in the bottom of each divider avoid this issue. These particular tackle boxes have a lip on the bottom middle that I find perfectly suspends F230 combos on.

I put a few tools in each tackle box to quickly put them together or take them apart.
I have a drawer that I put everything else in (launchers/ripcords/grips).
I don't really frequent tournaments, but if I did, I would probably buy one with a handle like BeyBrad posted.

(Only click if you're prepared!) (Click to View)
Who needs small compartments when you can have a whole wardrobe :

[Image: STAn1bA.jpg]

[Image: fIL92pX.jpg]
I'm going to Canada to raid your collection! MWAHAHAHA!
Same. I'm actually about to get some shelves in my room. At the moment I'm using a shelf on a book shelf as my broken part collection and boxes collection. So my floor days are over!
(Aug. 31, 2015  12:46 AM)J.I.N.B.E.E! Wrote: [ -> ]I'm going to Canada to raid your collection! MWAHAHAHA!

Can you "invite" me too? Wink

My carry case:
Eh still better than my collection and layout.

Yes! Together, Kai-V won't be able to fend us off even with her Bey-karate!
We sort of have a thread about carry cases already, which is why I was not shy at all to post the photographs of a wardrobe here hah :
That's pretty nice!

Haha. I know Bey-fu. Together all three of us shall steal all her in opened beys. Seriously I don't get how people can buy beyblades then not open them instantly.

Unless they're for give always.
Actually all of the bottom shelf is empty boxes. On the other shelf, sometimes there are only certain parts still inside the boxes.
(Aug. 31, 2015  1:55 AM)Bladerguy2 Wrote: [ -> ]That's pretty nice!

Haha. I know Bey-fu. Together all three of us shall steal all her in opened beys. Seriously I don't get how people can buy beyblades then not open them instantly.

Unless they're for give always.

Bey-fu? That's towdally stooped! Who would come up with an idea like that or Bey-karate?
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