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Full Version: B-21 Beyblade Custom Set Attack & Balance
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(Nov. 15, 2015  2:35 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Hey, so perhaps TAKARA-TOMY could hold true to the first information they send about new products and avoid making these stupid mistakes. We never got anything so huge in Metal Fight Beyblade besides the Quetzalcoatl Wheel never getting released and being replaced by the Cancer Wheel design, which was a lot earlier than for the BB-21 release.

Survive never would never have been slated for release in this set in the first place, since this is the Attack and Balance set. Spriggan has never come with Survive even, so I am not sure how this happened. lol
Yeah good point, what the heck is a Survive driver doing in there? Lol. I guess it's a balance between defense and stamina?
Are those teeth similar to any others? At least not extremely pointy ...
Yeah, they seem like Deathscyther's. Tall, but squared off. So much for them getting rid of those kinds of teeth. I hope Excalibur is different
Mmm, that's just absolutely beautiful coloring.

I wanted this originally because a chance at making a pretty interesting combo from the parts in it but those colors are just magical. Will get into it.
Out of both sets, Spriggan is my favorite when it comes to awesome looking Beys
(Nov. 18, 2015  2:24 PM)gankoba Wrote: [ -> ]Out of both sets, Spriggan is my favorite when it comes to awesome looking Beys

I agree.
That Deathscyther looks like a delicious piece of Jolly Rancher candy. Love.

OT: I'm surprised your avatar never got you reported, Meta (I don't actually know that Tongue_out)
Hey! Finally TT fixed that little sticker problem on the set! Grin

Found it here: Grin
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