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Full Version: Valkyrie/Spriggan Heavy Accel vs Kerbeus Customs, New tests added 8/5
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Added some more tests to the OP. I am going to redo these tests, with more consistent launches, but for now I am at work and bored, so I figured i would type them up. They seem to show, at first glance, that fusion is better against attack types. We'll see. I have the day off tomorrow so I will do a ton more and type them up the following day at work. Seems like the fusion driver helps avoid getting burst and helps counter a bit as well, especially when launched super fast. On the last test I focused on launching super fast and it showed the best results. I am going to redo the others with super fast launches and maybe bigger sample sizes and see what happens
Launching super fast is logical that it would make it harder to burst because of one thing: centrifugal force. That force is tightening the beyblade while it spins, making it harder to get bursted, obviously there is still possibility of getting bursted because one hit at that speed could be vital, but it definitely makes it harder to burst.
Yeah, it finally donned on me, on the last test, that it is how I should be testing since people in competition will trying to launch their hardest. The fusion driver gets quite a bit of movement at fast speeds .I am going to redo these with that in mind and probably 30-40 rounds and see what happens. I will do a test with survive as well and see if I should test that more extensively since you guys were saying some people had luck with it at the tourney
(Aug. 03, 2015  4:44 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]Was there confirmation that those numbers actually designated different molds?

I mean, I suppose there must be some difference? I don't think that molds really matter yet.
I still feel that Spriggans is bursty, recoily, carp.
I think Spriggan avoids bursting better but doesn't make the other bey burst as good as valkyrie. I am starting to get on board with Valkyrie though. I now think, at top speeds, it is the best. Spriggan is still pretty close behind it though
(Aug. 04, 2015  6:24 AM)Neo Wrote: [ -> ]I mean, I suppose there must be some difference? I don't think that molds really matter yet.
I still feel that Spriggans is bursty, recoily, carp.

I don't find it too recoil-heavy on Accel and it delivers incredible hits early-on.
From the mixed results I've seen from people so far, I would venture to guess there is a difference. My Spriggan, from the booster, says A1 on it. It's completely awful. Easy to burst, very recoily, et cetera. But it appears others are getting good results with it.
The thing is that I'm hesitant to interpret manufacturing variances as different moulds. We don't know that there are fixed moulds yet.
That is some insanely extensive testing!

It makes me wonder if the driver springs are slightly stronger in defense and accel since they seemed to lose fewer clicks than survive and fusion on the same setups.

Anyway, thanks for the tests. My beys won't get here until after our burst tournament this weekend so I have to do as much research as possible lol.
I don't think the strength of the spring would make a huge difference in that situation. More about the teeth.
Ahhhh, I see. So there are differences in the teeth on the drivers as well as the teeth on the layers?
Differences on the teeth of the layers, every layer has different teeth. Drivers don't have teeth. The notches the teeth go in are on the driver.
I see, I guess I didn't understand the core concept. Haha
Added some more tests, all high speed, no bad launches counted. Seems to show that defense is actually the worst driver to use. It usually just sits there and gets beat on for the most part. The other two drivers have more movement when launched at high speeds and therefore have a better chance at surviving those big hits early on, or delivering hits themselves to a small extent
I dunno, I'm not convinced that Deathscyther is a better defens choice than Kerbeus. Deathscyther has primarily smooth sides, but the points of its four blades really do have a significant amount of recoil. Not enough to typically stop it from spinning, but certainly enough to get itself KO'd by a hit that Kerbeus would've rolled off. This, combined with higher recoil from having stronger teeth, makes it a little too easy to KO from the stadium, to me. (Of course, my attack shots suck right now.)
At now my green Spriggan don't burst easily and the red one of Krusty is about the same and we have the same set up of teeth. one long one medium and one small.
Yes, mine is the same as that. I find its teeth far more reliable than Valkyrie's.
if I have the choice between these two parts I'm pretty sure using Spriggan more then Valkyrie. Valkyrie has a great power to burst opponent but its resisting is so so. Spriggan is more consistent IMO
Hey Zoroaste, would you mind testing Kerbeus Heavy Accel against Spriggan Heavy Accel as well? It seemed to be quite effective as a Defender at Beyblade Bursts Onto the Scene: Toronto. It might be more effective against it because of it being less stationary and more aggressive.

Thanks if possible. Thanks for the tests you've already uploaded too. Smile
Yeah I will write it down to test. I am interested to see how it stacks up to deathscyther on that driver
Would you mind testing Kerberus Wing Fusion? I was using it the tournament today and it did quite well.
I did a bunch of heavy fusion tests. I got some decent results with it. Check them out in the OP. I guarantee heavy > wing, especially for defense
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