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Full Version: Looking to buy any beyblades and accessories
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I'm looking to buy any good condition beys or accessories. I'm hosting a mini tourney in a little over a week an I'm in need of some prizes. I would've boughten from store,but none sell them near me anymore. So if you have some beys and such for sale for resonable prices, I'd love to look at them! I live in Canada do shipping would be there. If I need to pay a bit more for shipping depending on what the items are I'll pay for them to come faster! Thanks in advance!
What types of Beyblades are you looking for? MFB?
If you need them quick then this dude is in the US
Also 88powerpig88 on ebay
Any beyblade is fine so long as it's in good condition
Then you should just look through items posted in the marketplace here and buy what you'd like. Or buy Beyblades from eBay or any other store. There are plenty of Beyblades out there to buy ...
I've looked on here and eBay already. I need the items by next week so that's why I'm not going through eBay. PLUS they rarely sell in bulk. On here I don't see too many things I'd buy. I did contact one person but they wouldn't be able to get stuff to me in time
You just said you wanted any Beyblade in good condition, and now you're saying that there's nothing on here you want to buy, and that you need items in bulk. So I don't understand what you're looking for.

This seems like it could be a good deal if you need a ton of stuff at once.
Its really not that hard to get. I made this post because not everyone posts their stuff in the sales form. I've looked at the stuff in the sales form and many are inactive. I don't wanna comment on inactive ones due to possibly never getting a response or getting a warning for commenting on non active ones. And as for that link, I cant really justify paying $96CAD for those beys. I was looking for a variety so that I can show the difference between 1st-4th place. Hence why I asked for accessories