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Full Version: Continuing the Gingka / Legendary Blader or Zero G Saga
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By the end of Beyblade : Zero G / Beyblade : Shogun Steel Sakyoo ( Not sure how his name is spelled ) mentioned once more he is on a mission to be the top Blader in the world with the Bey given by the legendary Blader who possessed the original Left Rotating Bey none other than Ryuuga. Sakyoo said Zero isn't the only one who received his Bey from a Legendary Blader , Ryuuga is said to have given him The Jet Black Dragon / Ronin Dragoon but that is impossible since Ryuuga disappeared after sacrificing his life force energy to Kenta as he promised to lent his strength if his ever made serious to defeat the " God of Destruction " Nemesis / Diablo Nemesis. So it should explained it how he even gave the future Bey to young Sakyoo or MAYBE just MAYBE the WBBA's new design is based of Ryuuga's Bey that he gave to Sakyoo. It would be an interesting storyline ... plus Ryuuga never got the chance to prove himself against Europe's team Excalibur leader Julian Conzern which claim to have " The strongest right & left rotating & one and only Bey in the world. " The continued arc / saga series should air after the whole Beyblade : Burst thing I mean .. most people are still interested in knowing what will happened next to the gang after Zero G / Shogun Steel.
Gingka is a terrible char-