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Full Version: Buying HMS, Plastics and Rare MFB Molds!!!
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Looking to buy, in order of importance:

Gravity Molds:
Sonokong mold (lightest)(30-31g)

Rock Molds:
3 cylinder mold. (There are also 6 (common) and 0 (rare) cylinder molds)

H145, first mold

Quake, first mold

Virgo Molds:
If you have a really long spinning one for sale and can prove it (video), I will buy it for a reasonable price

Prolly forgetting some molds too, don't hesitate to lemme know about more, especially if you have them that you want to sell

Collection complete!!!
Still might be interested in rare recolors, such as tourney prizes and certain random booster recolors.

Collection complete!!!
Still might be interested in recolors I don't have, especially top tier parts (and may even want doubles of some top tier part colors).

Also open to trades. Please check out my selling thread and the link to my eBay listings therein as well to see what I have for trade

All transactions will be done with PayPal. Thanks for reading
Updated. Really want a Duo wheel. Plz sell me one!!!
i want your duo and a orian if you have or whole nightmare rex

This is a buying thread, not a selling thread.
XD. Um to be honest I really would get the ultimate fx set. I've seen it go for about 50$. It's well worth the money. You get your duo, and your mf2s with some other nice parts L Drago guardian, mb, 90.
Yeah I just bought one, but I would also like at least one more Duo to play around with. They don't even have any single Duos on eBay right now and they are ridiculous on Amazon
Oh. There should have been a abba limted duo Uranus. They could have done some cool things. Well good luck to ya
I can sell you metal faces.
Cool. I'll pm you
Payday tomorrow! Hit me up if you have any to sell at a good price!
You can ask @[taxus], he's the HMS hunter here. Grin
Updated. Just got my insurance check for my car being totalled and have money burning a hole on my pocket. Lol
Updated. Need spark ring thingys!!! Lol
I'm confident that the Flint and Sandpaper strips were not sold separately from Thunder Dragon.
I know that the strips are stickered on the back, so they can actually stick to the inner walls of the AR. So your best bet is to get either a NIB RB1, or buy a used Takara version.
(Nov. 12, 2015  1:17 PM)raiyanblader Wrote: [ -> ]umm does spark knight have it?

Spark Knight doesn't spark, nor does it have the Flint/Sandpaper.
What you saw was a spark disk and it was not meant to be a replacement for the sandpaper for sparkling attacker and Spark Dragon. No such thing exists although I maybe you could put the sandpaper strips it comes with on those two beys. Also it was released long before Spark Dragon and is ridiculously rare (I bought the one you saw because of that). I saw one on Rakuten recently (but the last time I checked it wasn't there not that I wasn't looking specifically for that) and it was £40. After using my spark disks £40 is so not worth it.
can you give a link or picture of what this spark thingy is?

P.S If you ever put a sand paper in your bey, I will never battle with you.
[Image: c4vn9.png]
So yeah, as you can see, I found them for sale. But I'm not willing to pay $60. That's more than I paid for the bey. Lol. Plus I am not sure if it will even work. I think those strips could go inside the ring of thunder dragon, bit not sure
I actually have that. Smile
but only the ring. not the paper.

That is probably a flint.
You should message lowen93 he actually makes weight disks and can probably make good copies of these. He has an ebay page as well.
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