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Full Version: List of Plastic Beys ready to buy!
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Basically I don't trust ebay too much, so I'm giving this website a shot! here's a list of the beys I'm hoping to add to my collection. Basically it's the beys of the main characters. They are listed in order of each name, then by order of priority for my collection! I really Dont want alternative colors but I will consder them, won't pay the same price for them! I also would prefer to have the actual bit chips with the real stickers on them. the more intact stickers the better!
1. Dragoon F
2. Dragoon GT
3. Dragoon V
4. Dragoon V2
5. Dragoon S (Don't even really want to look at any color but white for this one)
6. Dragoon MS
7, of course if you have the MSU, I wont say know, but not in a rush
1. F
2. V2
3. V
4. G
5. S
6. Metal Ball defender, but I'll take just the attack ring!
1. F
2. G
3. V
4. S
5. V2
1. S
2. G
3. GT
4. V
5. V2
6. F
7. MS

will also look at launchers, and rare stadiums.
Check PM
Hi, still looking for some? Kindly check my thread. Smile