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Full Version: [Montréal, Québec, Canada] 7/25/15 Plastic Tactic TIME CHANGE
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Date : Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Location : Parc La Fontaine, 3933 Avenue du Parc la Fontaine, Montréal, QC H2L 1M3
We meet at the corner of Rachel Est and rue du Parc La Fontaine even if you kow about our first tournament spot, just to make sure we have enough people and that we all go to the same place.

Time : We will start shortly after 12 PM, once registration is done, and will do everything we can to finish before 5 PM for sure.

Format : Plastic

Entry Fee: $6 CAD, Blader Passports are $12 CAD, but those who already have a valid Blader Passport get in for free!

Prizes : Random plastic Beyblades given away randomly, since we do not all have access to good plastics, or our order has not arrived yet, etc. Plus, loyd87 will have his traditional random giveaway!

Bey Brad


I hope you know about Psycho-Pass, otherwise the banner just seems weird to you hah.

This may just be my first plastic format tournametn as well, so I look forward to being totally destabilised, as long as everyone else has fun hah. Hopefully it does not rain, either ...
Don't worry, we don't risk any BeyPoints in this tournament haha.
I wish Toronto would have a plastics event, i really want to play in a plastics tourney... (the day will eventually come haha)
Hey, @[Bey Brad], are you interested to take a part of this tournament ? You did not really react about it, so I guess you won't ? :\
It's because I'm not sure I can yet. Unhappy
Can we do like 11-3 or 12-4 instead? also very less traffic early
(Jul. 13, 2015  2:42 PM)Sun Wrote: [ -> ]Can we do like 11-3 or 12-4 instead? also very less traffic early

There is not really much traffic on weekends though. Anyway, it depends on MissingNo., since he mentioned having to eat lunch and then driving a while, which he may not want to do at ten o' clock.
hey can the tournament be filmed for the beychannel, that would be really cool to show what Montreal got Tongue_out
Sure, count on us showing what we got during our first time playing plastics hahah. But OK, I can film. I also have the November tournament to do too, eventually ...
Just to let you guys know, I have my Bump King ready to break some beys, so I really hope that this event will be filmed.
(Jul. 13, 2015  3:42 PM)MissingNo. Wrote: [ -> ]Just to let you guys know, I have my Bump King ready to break some beys, so I really hope that this event will be filmed.

hey can you confirm on your availability based on posts above. you cant do around 12pm
It's ok for 12h PM, I'll just bring my lunch.
it would be great at 12 PM. surprisingly I have no Plastics yet for me hah! I have many to sell but I don't keep one for me hah!

for this event I have no big Challenge contest yet. because i'm working to upgrade the "Knock The Can Out of the stadium" challenge.

to make some changes, I do a little "Loto".

BTW Kai-V did you get your burst?! I really want to see them at the Event!

and I have a MSG from Krustyburger05 for all of you guys! he's ready to make this fiery and becarefull because he broke easily his ennemy hah!

3-2-1 GO SHOOT!


For video I think we have a couple of video waiting since last year right?! Kai-V if you need some help like I said each time I could help you out Wink
Don't worry loyd, I can always lend you my Bump King if you really need it.
cool thx a lot. Bump king has chance agains Grev beys?!
Bump King is the worst beyblade of the whole plastic generation haha.
That was i thought hah.
Alright, so the start time is officially changing to 12:00 PM.

And sure, I will bring my camera but anybody can hold it and help me take footage of the tournament hah. Also yes, my Beyblade Burst should arrive on time for July 25th, but we will have to play in normal stadiums with them. @[MissingNo.], could you bring the special carpet again ? Plastics are especially fragile and if we are going to make the other generation of Beyblade burst, we may as well protect everything hah.
Great news
Yeah, I'll bring my "carpets" for sure, we need to protect any kind of bottom, since Metal Fight is discontinued, Burst expensive, Plastic fragile and rare, and HMS rare and expensive.
Especially My flying Trypio hah! nah I don't have Trypio hahaha but its one of my favorite funny blade.
Someone had the idea for a 'teams' tournament? how does that work
Actualy we have the three main format can be played in team of 3 persons. Standard Limited and Zero-G like the Last tournament. I think it was added in the guide. Didnt remember the right one.
Technically you could do a Team format with any Beyblade format, even plastics and HMS. However, we need to be twelve participants or more guaranteed.
Yes thats what i just read in the event guide. Hah i Mostly be up to date hah.

Did we have enough participants to try à team format with plastics ? It would be a Nice try. How do you feel Guys on this?
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