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Full Version: Face Contest: Design an HMS Beyblade!
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In celebration of the 2015 HMS & Plastics Remembrance Day, and with Beyblade Burst introducing us to a style of Beyblade combination reminescent of the first generation, Bakuten Shoot, we invite you to design MA-25, the imaginary next HMS Beyblade that never got to be released! If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out some of the HMS Beyblade articles on Beywiki!

The winners will get their choice of:

And yes, you read that right, winners. The top two entries will win a Face Booster!

So, here are some of the criteria your entry will be graded on:
  • Artistry: Obviously, someone who hand draws their Beyblade for several hours is going to be taken more seriously than someone who quickly puts something together in MS Paint. That being said, we understand that not everyone has the same artistic ability. Effort is what's important!
  • Originality: Try to think outside of the box and use ideas that haven't been used in Beyblade yet! Let your imagination run wild; the Heavy Metal System had some wicked gimmicks! At the same time, your concepts have to be relatively realistic.
  • Balance: Remember guys: there's no best Beyblade! If you make a Beyblade that's so broken it would theoretically ruin the metagame and be banned even by TAKARA-TOMY, try to think of something else! Don't draw a Beyblade that's only junk, but try to balance everything with good and bad traits!

And now for the rules:
  • Limit one entry per person! Your first entry will be the only one that's considered and you cannot edit your post, so work hard on it!
  • The WBO Committee still isn't eligible.
  • You have until 11:59:59 PM EST Friday, July 31st, 2015 to submit your design. Any entries after that will be disqualified!
  • Post your entries in this thread! (You can also talk about the contest, ideas, or whatever in this thread as well!) However, you cannot post drafts of your entry and ask for feedback!

Good luck everyone!
Oh yeah! I'm in! This time, I will win!
This should be fun. I shall enter as well.
This should be rather interesting, I will join this as well
Only face prizes? Wish I'd found my inspiration back when the contests were more rewarding but oh well, I'll be entering later aswell with something both logical as a continuation and, IMO atleast, rather original.
I was also hoping for a Driger MS or something but it's understandable since HMS are very rare and the common ones are ones that most people have already.
This sounds pretty interesting, plastics and HMS always seem more fun to design anyway, I might do something for this.
The hype is real. I'll defenitely enter this. Already have a good idea.
I look forward to all the beautiful illustrations and 3D models I can see down the pipeline. Smile
If you guys really want a physical prize, I can look into that, but :

- do not expect a rare recolour;
- the number of entries would have to be high.
Imma try
If only I could draw circles XD well here goes.
Stupid done [/i][/u]

How do you post your design
I will also participate. My entry will be the best.
Please tell how to upload the image here.
Please help!
Awesome! I'm in
(Jul. 25, 2015  11:57 AM)vikrambeyblade Wrote: [ -> ]Please tell how to upload the image here.
Please help!

Upload to an image hosting site like imgur or photobucket, then click the lanscape icon above your post when you make it and paste the image link that the site gives you.
I might give it a try.
Yeah, it's another Reaper theme, I got a little stuck on motif...

The Running Core Auto Variable Upper is sort of like the Final Survive bottom, only not an S bottom and instead SF. The tabs are replaced by upper blades which work with the CWD Death Barrage Ring.

Like Final Survive, it starts with the flat bottom, the Upper Wings extend out with a larger circumference than the CWD with Centrifugal force adding upper attack, however, when they retract, the bottom becomes SF mode, the upper wings will be a similar circumference to the CWD, which allow the CWD to contact other Beyblades and perform barrage attack partnering with the SF mode, while the extended upper wings work with the Flat mode.

Yeah it's pretty exclusive to each other in order to work like that but I think it's still pretty cool.

It's pretty much all I can do with pen and colour pencils.
I should just give up now. No way I could beat those epic drawings.

But there's only one thus far, I'm sure you'll do fine, I just hope I get that face prize.
Here is my bey
The attack ring is Aquatic Attacker, Weight Disk is Spike Ring and Running Core is Balancer Metal Ball.
It is a balance type bey.
Whipped all this upquickly in AI for fun... hope you guys get a kick out of it, I know I sure did, haha.

Introducing: The Homer

Homer MS (Metal Simpsons).
Where's the rack-and-peanut steering?
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