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Full Version: Facebolt mods with tape OK?
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I recently taped a small piece of paper (by small, I mean about the same shape and size as a normal Facebolt sticker) to a facebolt that hadn't already been stickered. I used a minimal amount of tape, so as to make the bolt function normally. As far as I can tell, the beys both function normally, without any discernible change to the way they spin. Since the facebolt is designed to have stickers on it, would the mod I just described be legal in tournaments?

EDIT: In the future, would glueing a piece of paper to a facebolt also be legal?
Ideally it would be preferable for there to be nothing on top of the sticker, so no tape and glue instead, but if you say that nothing changed in its performance, then it should be fine. We just globally do not wany any modifications that can affect performance, whether by weight, shape, texture, etc.

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