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Full Version: selling engine gear and hms pics up *price reductions*
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Hi I'm selling dranzer gt dragoon v dranzer mf and wolborg ms also selling a new in box dranzer gt inbox if interested
Dranzer gt £60 ( to 100 (NIB) ( Dranzer mf £50 ( Dragoon v £20
Wolborg ms £15 Pm me thanks pictures can be sent special pictures for proof also available
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Used dranzer gt lowered to £60 nib dranzer gt lowered to £100 you won't find cheaper in this condition ones still new in the box original manufacturer's packaging and the other is a display beyblade more pictures on request was used as a display with eg winder on the Base in a cabinet
Please note ?. In negotiations for wolborg ms dranzer mf and hms customise grip
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it missing Dragoon V pics.
Nib dranzer gt is reserved for yedropoutbear
Do not purchase from this seller, as he is confirmed to be a previous scammer. Hold off from dealing with him until/unless his reputation is cleared.