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Full Version: Need Good Combos
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Hi guys, I am going to battle with my friends and need good combos, Here are my Parts.

No MF, only regular

Energy Rings:
Pegisis ll x1
Virgo x1
Aquraio x2
Orion x1
Leone x1
L drago x1
Serpent x1

Fusion Wheels:
Lightning x1
Variaries x1
Galaxy x1
Storm x1
Blitz x1
Phantom x1
Killer/Evil x1
Earth x1
Thermal x1

DF145 x1
90 x3
145 x1
C145 x1
230 x1
85 x1
BGrin x1

WD x2
D x1
SD x1
HF/S x1
BGrin x1
RF x1
ES x1
Post in the Build Me A Combo thread and somebody will build you a combo.
You should try:

Attack: Variares 90 RF
Defense: Earth Leone C145 WD
Stamina: Phantom Aquario B:D
Balance: Variares C145 SD