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Full Version: Metal Fight Beyblade question
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Hey guys, I have kind of an important question here, does anyone know where one can watch the Metal Fight Beyblade episodes that ZP-YuS subtitled. They did eps 1-22, then stardust apparently picked it up and released 23-30 (which are still available to download on nyaa btw) however unfortunately it seems like eps 1-22 aren't available anywhere I've looked, and I know quite a few places. I've asked the people at stardust and oddly enough none of them seem to have it either.

I believe this is important because I don't think anyone here wants these to get lost. I am an older fan of Beyblade and never got the chance to see the new Metal Fight series. Not only would I love to watch this, but I don't want these episodes to get lost. Its important we keep them because I'm certain their will come a day when the rest of the series gets fansubbed or official subtitles and we can see the whole thing in the best format possible.
Sheesh... can't find the darn things anywhere I guess. Can't believe all that work has just been lost for such a popular series that's been worked on by 3 different groups. Its absolute madness. And if they aren't found any time soon then its likely the show won't be getting completely fansubbed for a long time. Does anyone else actually care or is this just a site for dub fans?
(Jul. 04, 2015  1:14 AM)Wizard Wrote: [ -> ]Are you looking for this?

Oh great, thank goodness. I will grab these and plan to watch them over the course of the year. If no one else does I will probably eventually post a batch up on Nyaa to make it easier on everyone and ensure the survival of the subtitles,